Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Weekend for the Baby

Hey there. We are tired. I mean, like, dead tired. We dedicated this weekend to the baby. As in, we went to go get stuff for the baby and we started to make room for the baby at home. Saturday morning, we went to a swap meet to look for the baby's dresser. My wife and I already had a specific one in mind, one that has 4 or 5 drawers and then right next to it, a little closet where we can hang baby clothes. We got one for when our youngest was a baby but the difference is that there was a large drawer on the bottom so that you can put in blankets. We don't want one with the drawer on the bottom. We've notice that a swap meet is usually the place where you can order one. We have not seen them anywhere else. It so happens that the last place we visited at the swap meet is where we found it. We ordered it and we went home to rest... for about an hour or so. Then we took off to get the baby stroller. We already knew what we wanted. There was absolutely no doubt about it. We picked it up and shopped around for some baby stuffs for a baby shower scheduled for Sunday. We soon got home and I jumped online to check Email, since I was waiting for an answer on when we can pick up a loft bed that we planned on buying. I got the ok for Sunday morning at 9ish.

Come Sunday morning, my compadre and I went to Brentwood (pretty damn close to UCLA) to pick it up. Since I took our car, the loft bed did not fit in the trunk. Good thing I took twine and we strapped the mattress and the large pieces of the bed on the roof of the car. It took us awhile because we wanted to make sure it strapped well... but also because I literally had a huge ball of twine. So we spent some time untangling the damn thing. Once I dropped him off and went home, we did a complete overhaul of our boy's room. His old bed was taken down and moved over to the girls' room so that our little one can have a big girl's bed. The loft bed was then assembled in our boy's room. We got him a loft bed so that we can place his dresser underneath it and create more space for the baby. His room now has enough space for the crib and another dresser, which is exactly what we needed.

We spent all morning and most of the afternoon on that mission. Once done, we showered and then took off to my uncle and aunt's baby shower. They had a pool and the kids wanted to get in. It was close to 5 and I didn't really want the kids to get in since they didn't have any extra clothes. My mother found the kids some clothes to wear and before I knew it, they were in the pool having fun. My wife and I kinda just sat there since we were tired. We tried not too move too much since we were busting our butts off at home. I was this close (makes that finger gesture) of saying that we should not go to the baby shower. Once the presents and all were done, we went home. Too tired to really stay much longer. We're now in bed, my wife sprawled across the bed, while I type this post up and get ready for my online work. I don't think I'll be up too late tonight (I usually go to bed close to midnight) since I'm feeling a little extra tired tonight. I'll catch you guy tomorrow. Later!

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