Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Voltron or Baby Gizmo?

Hey there. My wife came up with the great idea of getting our soon to be little one retro stuff from when we were kids. She asked me what was some of the cartoons I watched as a kid and we can pick something from there. I named out a few shows and then it dawned on me... VOLTRON! We should sooo get a Voltron thing going on. That show was simply just bad ass. My wife said, "Good luck finding a diaper bag with Voltron on it." She's right. I can't find one anywhere. Damn! That sucks. As I was searching for "retro merchandise" I stumbled across a Gizmo satchel bag. You know Gizmo, right? The little guy from the movie Gremlins? He used to say something along the lines of "Mogwai". lmao Anyways, I showed it my wife and she liked it too. Now, we're on mission on finding either a Gizmo diaper bag or a Voltron one. Both are old school characters and we hope that we can find a shop somewhere that sells what we are looking for. If you guys see anything, let me know! Thanks. Later.


  1. I love Gizmo, he's just so cute, I remember years ago nearly every child used to have a Gizmo back pack...

  2. Oh my dayz I remember Gizmo lol but the rest of those little gremlins scared the hell out of me, especially when they started exploding every where, that was really gross. Good luck in your search..