Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Beef With Summer

Hey there. I'm not a big fan of summer time. I hate the heat. It may sound weird from someone coming from "sunny California" but it can be unbearable sometimes. I've noticed that I radiate a lot of body heat. It can cold to the point where the kids and my wife are wearing 3 shirts and a sweater and I'm walking around in my boxer shorts unfazed by the cold. I love Winter, that's only because it doesn't get so hot. Winter temps are anywhere from high 60s to high 70s where as during summer, it's 75+ degrees at night time. The heat makes it damn near impossible to sleep. If it's cold, I pile on clothes til I feel comfortable. If it's hot, there's not much you can do to cool off. A/C and fans can only do so much before you venture into a part of your house that's not cool and the heat slaps you across the face. Ugh...

We have ceiling fans at home that on when we get there. They run throughout the night and the heat still keeps me and wife up. I'm looking into getting one of those high powered standing fans. My wife has one at work that damn near blows her away on the low setting. lol I got the model number of the fan but it turns out that they run close to $120. $120!!! For a freaking fan?!?!? No thanks. I've seen fans for like $5. I'll see if I can find a more price savvy fan online that can come close to that fan. Otherwise, it's more of the same for the next couple of months.... Walking around at 9PM in boxer shorts... sweating... Later.


  1. You know what, I like summer. Fun in the sun and everything. You just don't know how to have fun out in beautiful California. We're known for the beaches and you need to hang out in Malibu more. Peace.

  2. I live in Florida but I am originally from Northern Canada where it is all about winter 8 months of the year and then 2 months of confused weather and maybe 1 month of what you might call summer only out of desperation. I have noticed that Floridians also complain about the heat here...I attribute that to living in air conditioning 90 % of their lives. I actually love the heat...I can never get enough of it..I always said I should have been born in the Tropics.

  3. Hey there Dorothy,

    I definitely do not live in an A/C world, lol, so I'm pretty sure it's not that that bugs me. Northern California sounds like my kind of place. I'm in southern California and I must say that the scenery here is beautiful, it's just that it's tough to enjoy it when the sun beams down on you with 90+ degree weather.