Monday, December 22, 2008

X-Mas Shopping Not Done

Hey there. The holiday rush is on! lol We have not completed our shopping just yet. We went to the mall this weekend, expecting huge lines and just enough space to walk, but it wasn't as bad. It was still bad, there were people everywhere and some stores had some pretty long lines, but overall, it was alright. We've got about 90% of the kids done and done with, but the adults that need a gift are a lot more difficult to find. We've been so swamped, we haven't even had a chance to put up a tree... let alone wrap up the gifts we already have. I think we'll get to it tonight.


  1. People are not in the mood this year. I know a lot of people who haven't shopped for one thing, whether it's because they can't financially, or just haven't felt like it.

  2. Hey there Shae,

    Yeah, we've noticed that too. Just not that many people out and about spreading holiday cheer. We started to feel down on ourselves because we just put up our tree last night! Not very holly and jolly if you wait till the last minute.


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