Monday, December 15, 2008

A Winter Wonder

The dark clouds and sullen sky
A somber time has come
The symphony that is to be
Cannot be be matched by one
The scattered rains drip away
Feeding our Earth life
With low winds it helps begin
To deal with all our strife
A man stands as best he can
Asking himself, "Why?"
A desolate pain a lingered stay
A broken man can die
At god's fury he yells a flurry
Of words and excuses
And with loud thunder came asunder
Thoughts that confuses
And heavy lighting always blinding
Calls out to this pain
A voice of reason never treason
Eases his mental strain
A man lies for his demise
As he gazes at the sky
A fallen angel simply unable
As gods continue to cry.



  1. Very nice... excellent poetry

  2. Hey there. Did you make this?? Cool.

  3. Hey there.


    Thanks for the kind words. My poetry is pretty spontaneous. I don't really put too much thought into it and when it hits me, I put it down on paper before I forget.


    Yup. That's all me there, buddy. Thanks.


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