Monday, November 3, 2008

Yaba Daba Doooo!!!

Hey there friends. Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween. Our Halloween evening started a little rough... We were at work again til close to 5 and that kind of put us in a not so good mood. The end of the month always sucks and for those of you working in the finance industry, you probably know what I'm talking about. After we left, we headed over to my mother in law's to get the kids ready. We snapped a few pics there with the kids in their costumes, ready to hunt for candy. Check em out.

Once we dressed, we were off to my uncle's place. He has a yearly thing there with a haunted house. He seems to be the only in the spirit in his neighborhood, but he always has a good turnout. This was his sign to attract the haunting guests.

That's my little "Daphne" standing next to the sign. She didn't want to be called anything else that night. My wife and I sat down and had us a little grub after saying hi to everyone. She snapped this pic while I was eating. She already dubbed it, "My babe doing what he does best... eating".

Yup, that's me as Fred Flintstone. I walked around telling people I forgot my bowling ball. That didn't stop me from showing off my twinkle toes moves. lol Everyone got a laugh out of that. Wilma? She's there too, check her out.

My little cousin, in the pic above, got a hold of "Wilma's" make up. She was walking around applying it to herself. By the end of the night, the little pirate looked like this. lol

We soon after took off looking for candy. Check out the "crowd" that we hung out with. The sidewalk looks eerily empty. It added to the creepiness of Halloween. It was raining earlier that day so there was this mist still lingering.

After getting ourselves bags of candy, we headed back to my uncle's place. Daphne was so happy with her haul that she just had to shake it. lmao

My bro then came out with his get up. Don't know what the hell he was supposed to be but I called him Eric Estrada. lmao I sometimes wonder how I can be related to him...

Soon after, our kids started dropping like flies, falling asleep everywhere. Even my babe started to look tired. We packed up our stuff and jumped in the "Flintstone Mobile" and headed home.

We had a blast. We already came up with what we're going to be for next year's Halloween. lmao We're like that. My wife loves to plan ahead and the costume idea for next year pretty much came from her, but I like it so it should be good. We're thinking of getting the costumes sometime this week since we figured they'll be discounted since Halloween is over this year. What are we going to be??? You'll just have to wait and see! Later!


  1. Cute costumes! I love the Flintstones theme. Your youngest is adorable. I think your brother might be one of the Village People? LOL

  2. Is Wilma your wife? She is gorgeous! I am right, you are such a hunk! And your kids are adorable.

  3. LOVE the costumes.

    My halloween was a non-event. I was invited nowhere, no kids go trick or treating in our neighborhood, and the hubby came home early and nixed my horror movie marathon. Bah...

  4. the kids look great. its nice you dressed up and joined in too.

    thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment :)

  5. what a wonderful family. the youngest is so cut and the costume selection is great. themes are super no words to explain about photos.
    teff john


  6. What A beautiful family!!!
    Great customes, it looks like you guys had a blast!!!


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