Friday, November 7, 2008

Lay-Away Program Only at K-Mart

Hey there friends. Times are tough. The economy is not booming and cash is on a short leash. Thanksgiving is coming up and the mother of all holidays, Christmas, is fast approaching. You don't want to disappoint the family on Christmas day because cash was short. What's a family on a budget to do? Luckily for us, K-Mart has the solution.

K-Mart is the only retailer that has our backs. They understand the trying situation of our economy as many of us consumers are having cash flow issues. However, they are the only national discount department store that offers a lay-away program to help in tough times. They are the only ones that are willing to work with us instead of turning us away. The Kmart Lay-Away program is extremely easy to use. Click on the link above, enter your zip code and the web site will search your area for a local K-Mart store that offers the service. You then visit your the store and shop. It's that easy. Whether you need help in obtaining that one hot item, such as the Playstation 3, or various smaller gifts for family and friends, your local K-Mart store is there to help.

This could not have come at a better time. I mention the Playstation 3 because my son has been asking for one for well over a year, but I just can't spend over $400 without causing a huge dent in our monthly budget. However, with the Kmart Lay-Away , obtaining one is a lot more manageable. The lay-away program allows you to simply take the item or items to the lay-away desk, leave a small deposit and make payments on it every two weeks until you pay them off. You can pay it sooner, on weeks where you have a little extra cash, or you can extend it the full 8 weeks that the program allows. When all is said and done, your items will be waiting for you at a K-Mart desk while other shoppers are scrambling to find and pay for their gifts.

You got to give it up for K-Mart. For going against the grain and offering such a holiday saving program while other retailers removed their programs. Check it out friends. This is definitely a program that you want to take advantage of. Assure yourself, your wallet, and your family that Christmas will be great because you took advantage of the Kmart Lay-Away program. Later.

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  1. I was at my local Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and noticed for the first time that they'd converted their layaway center into a pick-up desk for online orders. How ridiculous that they'd basically be throwing customers away in this tight economy by eliminating an option for people to be able to make purchases at their store. It's not as if they lose out if people default on it. They get to keep the payments made and return the item to stock if it's not paid for in full. How stupid. Good for K-Mart for keeping this option available.

  2. Mmmmh - so; you are putting the money away at K-Mart = until the full amount and then you get the item....?

    Uh.... isn't that putting money on a saving account - but you are not the one who is getting the interest... (but K-Mart is.....)...??

    Pls correct me if I understand this incorrectly.... But putting your money on a saving account is much smarter.....
    (yep - I know = banks go down.... but uh.... couple of years ago; K-Mart was also...)

  3. I think this is a great thing stores offer, it helps you pay off stuff little by little throughout the year and when Christmas is finally here BAM! holiday shopping is done... the only bad side i see... is that children grow out of stuff, say your child wants this batmman toy and to only find out that next year they are into hulk or some shit like that. And if it is something for us Adults, say like a HDTV with whatever features you know that throughout that year much better tv's will come out.. its something to think about unless you are 100% positive you are getting what you really want. Are you able to change the product if something better is to come out that year?

  4. @sjeltur - you under estimate the control people have. While mommies and daddies are trying to save money over the next month and a half for their children, things come up, whether it be something like paying an important bill or throwing down a little more at dinner, the saved money is saved no longer and little timmy no longer has his PS3 at Christmas.

    It's a wise way of making purchases if you can't control the extra money after covering basic needs, but for the most part its useless.

    I personally would just charge it. Sure it might only give me 4 weeks to pay off the balance, but I'll be getting 3% back to do so.

    Now if I could make my payments with a credit card, that's a huge win situation... I make money via interest, cash back, and get 8 weeks instead of 4... voila, I win!

  5. @Jesse
    As I am living in Holland - this is a weird thing to read....
    I would never ever give my money to a store - because I could not control my selve to NOT take it out of my saving account...
    This is really the weirdest thing to me.
    (and as you probably know; it brings the USA to bankruptcy... :( )
    But as you said; put the money on the saving account. At the time you are buying it... use the creditcard and pay the creditcard in time....

  6. Hey there friends.

    @ Sjeltur

    It's not only a matter of money, but a matter of product. K-Mart will only charge you $5 for the service. There is no interest, unlike a credit card, and they reserve the product for you. You can have cash on hand but if you can't find what you're looking for, you'll settle for something less. Why settle when you can have what you want and pay only an extra $5?

    @ Jesse

    I don't know if you can make the payments via credit card. But that would be a win win situation. Especially if you have a card with rewards. Such as cash back, flight miles, or whatever. Gotta look into that. lol

    @ Amy

    What up woman. lol No, you cannot exchange if something better comes out. You're reserving the product that you ask for and they can only hold it for a max of 8 weeks. You can cancel and get something else, if you wish, but they have a $10 cancellation fee and you'll get all the money you put in back. But I find that a little pointless, to be honest. Once you're committed, you might as well take it all the way.


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