Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Perfect Coupon... For Lotions???

Hey there friends. I scored on a XBOX 360!!! YES! It's on it way now. I won the bid, all checks out, and it's in a UPS truck on it's way to my living room. Now, I'm on a mission to find rock band at a discounted price. I have many sites that I visit to look for deals and online coupons to use. While on one of the sites, looking for a good coupon to use (somewhere in the vicinity of 10% to 15% off my total), I stumbled upon this coupon code. Look at the top code...

You read that right, friends. That says, "JAQMEOFF". Coincidentally, it's 10% off on lotions. HA HA HA HA HA!!! Some disgruntled programmer must have added that code to score on discounted lotions when he ran out. LMAO I thought it was a prank at first but the code has a 60% success rate! Which means that some people used the code and it worked! I just had to take a break from my quest for Rock Band to share that with you all. You don't run across coupons like that everyday. Later.


  1. hope you manage to get rock band. it is a fun game to play with the family! the drums are the best ;)

    thanks for stopping by my place and commenting :)

  2. Hey there Tina. Yeah, it's great to play since we've played on my cuz's rock band before. I'm going to get it, no doubt about that, just a matter of finding the lowest price possible! =oD


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