Monday, November 17, 2008

Helping Rebuild America, $25 at a time

Hey there friends. Think back on the last time that you spent $25 on something. Did you spend it on lunch or dinner? A video game perhaps? A round of exotic coffee for friends? $25 is not a lot of money and we probably spend that much on small indulgences more often than we would like to admit. Usually, the indulgence will quench our thirst, feed our bodies, or kill our boredom for a short period of time. Next time you are about to spend on an indulgence, think of the American economy. Troubled times have hit many people and many companies but one family owned business decided to do something about it.

Rebuilding of America is an investment firm that invests in America. That's right, invest in your own country. With over 25 years experience in the business, they sought out to help resurrect many of the lost jobs that this down economy destroyed. Many investment firms require a deposit in the thousands, not Rebuilding of America. They offer investments as low as $25 so that the everyday American can invest in their country. Every $25 CD (certificate of deposit) that you purchase goes towards jobs, homes, building projects that have gone bust because of funding issues. All CDs are FDIC insured and Rebuilding of America guarantees that your CD will not lose value. There is no better guarantee than that in the finance world.

How can this not be a win, win situation? With a small investment, construction workers can go back out there and build that park that was put on hold due to government funding or build those homes that are on hiatus because of their companies going through hard times. Many of us Americans take for granted of what we have and during times of turmoil, as a proud American, we should give back to the country that has provided so much. Check out Rebuilding of America and make your $25 investment today. Later.


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