Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thoughts On... Elfen Lied

Hey there. What a series! This has to be one of the top short anime series ever. Despite it being some 13 episodes long, it was extremely entertaining and I didn't want to stop watching the series. Lucy was/is one bad mo'fo. For those of you who have not seen, I suggest you do so now before you continue reading. lol I thought the intro to the show was intriguing. I caught myself humming the tune on several occassions and the fact that it's sung in latin adds a mystique to it that suits real well. The opening 7 minutes just grabs you and does not let go. I could go without the nakedness but it difinitely made me go whoa... There are some spoilers below.  If you plan on watching it, go do that first and then come back!  Now, my thoughts on... Elfen Lied.

First thought... I definitely can't watch this when the kiddos are around. The story and animation is just beautiful. No other words for it. I'm a sucker for a good story and this one just played like a good book. Lucy, a diclonious, ridiculed since childhood and driven to kill ( and reveal her vectors. Invisible appendages that move so swiftly that they can sever a body in half without any resistant) by some asshole kids. Just because someone is different, they shouldn't be picked on. And I don't know what to make of her "friend". Lucy confided to the girl that she had a dog, but as the kids were beating the poor guy to death, I swear the girl smiled. Did she betray Lucy and tell the kids of her secret pet dog? Then there's the love triangle of Kohta, Lucy and Yuka. Yuka and Kohta are cousins (Japanese culture allows cousin marriages but from what I hear, it's severly frowned upon) and have been close since they were kids. One summer, Kohta visited Yuka and stayed over for a bit. This is when he also met Lucy. Lucy, being a diclonious, has horns on her head and they were the target of ridicule. Lucy, at first thought that Kohta would be like all the others and just laugh and make fun of her, but he actually thought they were "cool." After some bonding, Lucy realized that she was falling in love with him and wanted to spend more time with him before he left. It wasn't to be since he promised Yuka that he'd spend time with her before leaving. Kohta, trying to be a good guy and not disappoint Lucy, said that his cousin was a guy.
At the festival, Lucy saw Yuka and Kohta together and all hell broke loose. She killed people left and right thinking that once again she was playing the fool by believing that Kohta cared for her when in actuality, he's out with another girl. On the train that Kohta was taking home, Lucy shows up to confront Kohta. Lucy, still in a rage, kills Kohta's sis and his father using her vectors right in front of him, tramautizing him and having him block out the incident. Because Lucy still had feelings for Kohta, she could not find it in herself to kill him. Fast forward several years later, Lucy escapes from where she is being held captive and studied (this is where the nakedness comes into play. Since the diclonious can use ANY object as a projectile to be launched by their vectors, they need to be stripped of their clothes to ensure that they do not have anything on them that can be used as a weapon). She meets up with Kohta and Yuka (who coincidentaly end up going to the same college and end up staying at the same place). They do not recognize her and after a few days staying with them, Lucy realizes that Kohta is the boy from the her past. In the end, Lucy spills her guts to him. She reveals to Kohta that all the killing she has done, she did to ensure her survival so that one day, she can find Kohta and apologize for all the pain that she has caused him. A very touching moment between the two ensue. I've left a shit load of details out. I want you to go see it. 13 or so 20 min episodes are out on Netflix for the world to see. This ranks as one of the top amine series that I have watched. I highly recommend you go there now and check it out. Later.


  1. oh hell yeah!!!!! i love elfen lied!!!!!!!! you've still got taste! ;)

  2. I still have good taste? lol Who be this?


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