Friday, August 3, 2012

ESRB Game Ratings Explained

Couldn't have explained it better myself


Hey there Natasha. Isn't it? Lol. I thought it was too good to pass up on!

I have to agree, I think every video game store in the country should have to post this - then maybe the people who buy their kids the wrong rating and get mad will understand what they are buying.

No doubt, parents finally get the point. I used to work as a Target cashier many moons ago and when I saw an adult buying a kid Grand Theft Auto, I explained some of the game's "actions" and the parent flipped out. She couldn't believe she was about to buy that kind of game for her 10 year old son. If a picture like this was on there, there's no doubt that there wouldn't be any more confusion!

HAHAHA yeah I remember when the GTA issues started happening with parents buying the game for there 8 to 10 year olds then getting all mad that there was violence and blood and stealing cars (not to mention certain ways you regained health LOL) and I just sat there shaking my head going what did you think was going to be in a game called Grand Theft Auto - seriously! The issue is parents don't pay attention to what their children are into until they are already into it - that is one reason for the drugs and teenage pregnancy - but I digress - - it is an awesome picture :)

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