Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The NFL Season is Just a Few Weeks Away

Hey there.  Who is ready for some football!?!?!  I know I am.  I have been ready.  I'm a huge football fan and it pains me when we have to go through the 6 months or so of no football.  The preseason has already started and we now have our first glimpse of all of the teams and many of them have new looks.  Some of the more exciting story lines include Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, and Peyton Manning a Bronco.  I, however, am a loyal Raider fan and I would love to see if we can improve from last year and make the playoffs!  Another great thing about the football season starting is FANTASY FOOTBALL!!!

Now, I'm not too big on NFL betting, but I definitely make the games a little more interesting when I know that stats and touchdowns from games across the league will determine how well my fantasy team does.  Don't get me wrong, I will always follow the Raiders games first, but it's great to have fantasy football updates pop up on my TV screen or my phone to let me know that my receiver scored on a 25 yard TD or my defense just sacked a QB for a safety.  Hey... I'm a numbers guy.  I'm addicted to stats.  lol

So are you guys glad that the football season is about to get under way?  What team are you rooting for this year?  What story line in this year's NFL is most intriguing to you?  Let's hear it friends!  Me?  I'm curious to see how the ACF West is going to play out.  Will Peyton Manning make the Broncos elite?  Will this be the year that the Chargers finally break down behind Philip Rivers and their coaach, Norv Turner?  Will the Chiefs and Raiders make strides and be revelant in the AFC West again?  I can't wait to find out!!!  Later!

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