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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

FanDuel Week 4 Results and Value Picks for Week 5

Hey there.  Week 4 is in the books and another exciting, unpredictable, and controversial NFL weekend has come and gone.  I offered a few value picks for FanDuel last week to help your lineups and not all of them panned out.  The Raider D wasn't as strong as I hoped since Jay Cutler ended up starting for the Bears, Ryan Matthews didn't get going since DeMarco Murray ended up starting, and even James Jones didn't produce as well as I hoped against that weak 49ers defense.   Well... at least Karlos Williams came up with a pretty good game.  Anyways... after placing my team and entering the $1 single entry tourney, I came up a winner.  So far this season I'm 2 for 2.  Didn't win crap in Week 1 and 2 but came up on some cash in Week 3 and 4.  I've put in $4 and I've won $9.  Here's my winning lineup for week 4:

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Loving FanDuel Fantasy Football

Hey there.  I've been playing Fantasy Football for years.  I'm usually in a league, playing against friends, but I also started using FanDuel to play fantasy football about a year or so ago.  I played in a lot of free leagues in an effort to hone my skills and just last year, I decided to try my hand on a few $1 games at FanDuel.  Mind you, I wasn't very good at it.  I would rarely reach the 100 point mark (you usually need more than 125 points to come out a winner) but it's still something that I very much enjoy.  For the first two weeks of the season, I came up empty.  No wins... but last night, I notched my first win of the season.  Here's my winning lineup:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The NFL Season is Just a Few Weeks Away

Hey there.  Who is ready for some football!?!?!  I know I am.  I have been ready.  I'm a huge football fan and it pains me when we have to go through the 6 months or so of no football.  The preseason has already started and we now have our first glimpse of all of the teams and many of them have new looks.  Some of the more exciting story lines include Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, and Peyton Manning a Bronco.  I, however, am a loyal Raider fan and I would love to see if we can improve from last year and make the playoffs!  Another great thing about the football season starting is FANTASY FOOTBALL!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thoughts On... The Carson Palmer Trade to the Oakland Raiders

Carson Palmer signs with the Raiders
Picture courtesy of The Oakland Raiders Facebook Page
Hey there.  You know... I wonder if God owns a phone.  How else can you explain the Carson Palmer trade from Cincy Bengals to the Oakland Raiders?  This deal has the late great Al Davis written all over it.  Davis was notorious for trading picks for player he believed would better the Raiders.  And now, we have learned that the Raiders have traded away the 2012 first round pick and the 2013 second round pick, which could be a  first round pick depending on Palmer's performance, for the former Heisman winner, Carson Palmer.