Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Loving FanDuel Fantasy Football

Hey there.  I've been playing Fantasy Football for years.  I'm usually in a league, playing against friends, but I also started using FanDuel to play fantasy football about a year or so ago.  I played in a lot of free leagues in an effort to hone my skills and just last year, I decided to try my hand on a few $1 games at FanDuel.  Mind you, I wasn't very good at it.  I would rarely reach the 100 point mark (you usually need more than 125 points to come out a winner) but it's still something that I very much enjoy.  For the first two weeks of the season, I came up empty.  No wins... but last night, I notched my first win of the season.  Here's my winning lineup:
Fanduel Week 3 Team
Good job week 3 squad!!!
I'm a bit disappointed that my wide receivers didn't score at much as they did.  I figured that Matthews, being the top WR on the Eagles, would deliver more than a mere 7.9 points, Robinson, being the only offensive threat on the Jaguars, would produce at least one touchdown, and even though Moncrief did score a TD, he wasn't really a part of the Indy offense with only 4 catches.  If these guys would have scored just a bit more for me, I could have topped the 200 point mark and possibly win a cool $30 on a $1 game.

That could have been my $30!!!
Now, it's time to focus on week 4.  I haven't set my squad just yet but here's a couple of value players that I am considering putting on the team:

Buffalo Bills RB - Karlos Williams (FanDuel price $6,300)

This kid has notched at least 10 fantasy points per game this season, had a good 17 points last week, and has scored a TD in each of this seasons games.  Even though LeSean McCoy is the lead back at Buffalo, this kid is getting his number called to punch it in the end zone.  Also, how can you not love a guy that spells "Carlos" with a K?  lol  I project that Karlos Williams nets another 17 points this week against the Giants.

Green Bay WR - James Jones (FanDuel price $6,000)

How is it that James Jones price is still sooooooo low?!?!  Top ranked wide receivers cost an arm  a leg and getting the high targeted Jones for $6,000 is a steal!  Aaron Rodgers is on fire and if he's not throwing it to Cobb (FanDuel price of $8,200), he's tossing it to Jones!  I expect Jones to have a killer day against that super soft San Francisco defense.  I project that James Jones nets about 18 points this week against the Niners.

Philadelphia Eagles RB - Ryan Matthews (FanDuel price $5,900)

Now... this one you need to keep an eye for.  I'm considering using Matthews because he has a low price tag but produced over 100 yards and a TD against a pretty good New York defense.  If DeMarco Murray continues to miss some time, Matthews is a good RB to pick up.  I think he'll have a similar game, if not better, against that Redskins defense.  I project Ryan Matthews to net around 16 points against the Redskins.

Oakland Raiders Defense (FanDuel Price $4,500)

I liking what the Raiders defense has been improving but still porous.  Opposing teams have been able to move the ball on the Raiders and have scored a ton of points... BUT... the Raiders are up against a winless Chicago Bears team that punted on every single possession last week.  EVERY SINGLE POSSESSION!  Raider DE Khalil Mack is finding his groove and notched 2 sacks last week and I expect him to get at least 2 more this week.  The defense as a whole had 5 sacks, 8 additional tackles for a loss, and another 10 passes deflected last week against the Browns and I expect similar outcome this week.  Bears QB Jay Cutler won't be seeing the field anytime soon so expect back up QB Jimmy Clausen to have a miserable day against the Raiders.  I project the Raiders D to nab 14 points.

So there are a few value picks that you may want to consider.  There are many Fantasy Football websites out there but I really like FanDuel the most.  If you haven't signed up, do so here.  Use promo code GJ100 (or several of the others that you may have seen on TV) and receive a matching bonus of up to $200 on your first deposit to play cash games.  Good luck friends!  Hope we all are a little richer when we catch up next week!  Later!

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