Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Looking for Scrubs with Friends

Hey there.  You know, I have a few friends in that are nurses and I recently asked them as to why the scrubs tend to be burgundy or light blue.  It's almost as if it's a uniform code that many of us don't know of.  The answer between my friends was pretty unanimous in that it's because it's the easiest to find.  I figured that if color and pattern was not mandatory and you had choices, I'd go and rock out something with skulls!  But then I realized that if I'm working with sick people, skulls would be the last thing they would want to see.  lol I don't think they'll be very good for morale.

Anyways, finding discounted scrubs is not very hard.  Especially once I directed my friends over to Blue Sky Scrubs.  I mentioned to them how they seem to have an awesome selection.  Whether you're looking for cotton scrubs or more fancier scrubs, they seem to have them in stock.  My friend seemed to enjoy the fact that they also have medical lab coats.  After reminding him that he's just a nurse, he says, "It's not for work.  It's for 'extra curricular activities."  lmao!  Whoa, whatever fantasies he has should stay in where they are.  lol 

So a day looking for scrubs turned into a fun time for us all.  Who knew that looking for work attire can be entertaining.  Later!

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