Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mr. Computer Repair Man

Hey there. I've been one busy beaver these past couple of weeks. I did some fixings at home and as soon as those were done, computer repair came knocking. I started the New Year with 0 computers to fix. To date, I've fixed 2 laptops and a desktop. I have 2 more desktops at home and another 2 busted machines are on their way (another desktop and laptop). It's a hobby of mine, so I do not mind helping out friends and family. The prob is that is that I do take some family time away to get the machines done. My wife has pointed that out to me many times. Especially since I don't charge family to fix up their machines. Last night, I decided that I am. I've been fixing machines for years now, and it's usually family. I started getting requests from friends of family and I don't think I'll be doing those machines for free.

So far, I've been fortunate enough that I have not come across a machine that I was not able to get working. The only snag I came across was a computer that needed a new hard drive since the one it had crashed. The owner pretty much said, screw it, and it's sitting in my shed. lol I think I'll end up getting a hard drive for it and then selling it. I don't have a need for a desktop computer so it would be pointless to keep it and it would be a shame to throw it away. Maybe have a contest and give it to the winner??? I don't know. Still got think about that one. lol Either way, with a little extra income coming in, I'm hoping we;ll be able to save up for that dream vacation a lot sooner rather than later. Until then.... Later!


I too have fixed a ton of computers and trust me, the one sitting in the shed can sure come in handy for parts. Think about, you have good RAM, a motherboard, processor, CD/DVD drives, IDE cables, power supply. When those paying jobs come in, if you have the part that was bad on theirs, free income by using your spare part and charging them, though a bit less than new,lol.

I too have so much experience with a lot of computer repairs, but definitely you would say that you must always be organized

I agree that you should keep it for parts. I have a closet full of PCs that I have scavenged parts out of to fix other computers. It's very handy, especially if you want to free up some time. There's no need to buy the part and the repair can be done sooner.

I can see doing free work for family but when it comes to friends of family i would be asking for some compensation. Some of these guys that work on computers charge a fortune. I have a friend who spent over $200 to get her computer fixed and then it still wasn't right.

Yes, don't throw away computer parts. Its not healthy for the environment but those extra parts come in very handy!

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