Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Google on VR180 Photos and Videos

Sometime last year Google challenged the existing 360-degree capture when it announced VR180 photos and videos. Google deeply believes that it has a better format for capturing immersive moments with the cameras. The company announced this at CES. So Google is hosting a contest to prove this, where there will be professional capture the special memory that you want to be preserved.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Can Isaac Newton Help you Predict the Roulette Wheel?

Life would be far simpler if you could stroll into the casino with a computer hidden across your chest.

Imagine the edge that solenoid electromagnets thumping against your body - telling you where to place your bet on the roulette table – would give you. However, the electric shock risk is a bit of an issue here, casino staff’s suspensions may be aroused when you rush to the toilet to undertake emergency repairs, change the battery or administer first aid.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Guide to the Original Spinning Toy: The YoYoGuide

Hey there friends.  Fidget Spinners are thing... or maybe they were a thing.  I think the craze may have died down some but there's no doubting that toys come and go through the years.  As innovative as they may seem, they always start off bright, and then dimmer down.  But only the truly great ones come back and experience that up and down type of life and there's no better embodiment of that than the classic yo-yo.  The yo-yo has seen it's fair of ups and downs (literally) and it seems that it gets better when the technology gets better.  Faster spins, greater bearings, aerodynamic body; whatever can be improved upon, the yo-yo has tried it.  And for those of use that are still in love with the yo-yo, our good friends at YoyoGuide has you covered. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

How well do you know your Festive Tunes?

As Noddy Holder once belted out: It’s CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!

Christmas is the best time of year to catch up with family and dispense joy and goodwill to all mankind! But mostly it’s about dry turkey, the inevitable Christmas day argument, terrible secret Santa gifts and searching for the batteries you are sure you bought. Or like us, hiding from everyone while you play casino games at bgo.

‘Tis the season to dust of the trusty old Christmas Jumper and search for the very best Christmas playlist to get yourself right in the mood for some serious Christmas prep!

You may have been subjected to some Christmas tunes enough times to make you go full grinch – steal Christmas and lock it away so no one ever has to listen to that drivel EVER again, but there are many classic and new Christmas songs that are undeniably decent. Some may even be considered bangers!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Top Ten Adult Advent Calendars

Many of us would remember waking up on a cold December morning, filled with excitement, opening up another window on their festive advents. Although, most if not all, of us are fully grown adults, we still strive to have that child-like feeling.

This has recently become more and more prominent with the roll out of advent calendars for a much older audience. Some of the biggest brands across the globe have launched their own advent calendars, just in time of the festive period.

So if you don’t want to eat chocolate every day of advent and picture versions just don’t do it for you anymore, why not try a luxury advent calendar. To help you choose, the bingo experts at have widdled the list down to ten top advent calendars to look out for this festive period.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Helpful Tips For Your First Time Betting at Online Casinos

Gambling has long been a favorite activity for plenty of people who are looking to make some fast cash. While going to places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City was once the only real way to get in on any honest action, recent years have changed the way people experience casinos. Now, it is entirely possible for you to have the full experience of betting at a casino without ever having to step foot outside of your home. All you have to do is explore your options with an online casino.

Online casinos have become a huge draw for plenty of interested individuals. If you are looking to place a couple of bets and don’t have the time to get out and visit a casino, this could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Before you begin, it can be a good idea to freshen up on a couple of simple pointers.