Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Guide to the Original Spinning Toy: The YoYoGuide

Hey there friends.  Fidget Spinners are thing... or maybe they were a thing.  I think the craze may have died down some but there's no doubting that toys come and go through the years.  As innovative as they may seem, they always start off bright, and then dimmer down.  But only the truly great ones come back and experience that up and down type of life and there's no better embodiment of that than the classic yo-yo.  The yo-yo has seen it's fair of ups and downs (literally) and it seems that it gets better when the technology gets better.  Faster spins, greater bearings, aerodynamic body; whatever can be improved upon, the yo-yo has tried it.  And for those of use that are still in love with the yo-yo, our good friends at YoyoGuide has you covered. 

The Yo-Yo Guide is covering everything from yo-yo reviews and guides, to play styles and designs, and even insights on yo-yo tricks.  It's a go to site for any yo-yo enthusiast.  Check it out and let 'em know that Metallman sent ya!  Later!

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