Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Google on VR180 Photos and Videos

Sometime last year Google challenged the existing 360-degree capture when it announced VR180 photos and videos. Google deeply believes that it has a better format for capturing immersive moments with the cameras. The company announced this at CES. So Google is hosting a contest to prove this, where there will be professional capture the special memory that you want to be preserved.

According to Google, most point and shoot cameras, VR180 captures half the field of view as compared to the view of 360 content. However, the feature is not yet available for people who play online slots. The advantage now is on the more realistic sense of depth in the images captured by the VR180. VR180 and several Googlers have reviewed that the experience of watching content captured in VR headsets is like having a time machine. The VR headsets allow you to view crisp 3D immersive photos and videos. It is like having a time machine that sends you back in time with a remarkable sense of presence.

Google is hosting a VR180 Special Moments Contest as a way to advertise this new format of capturing moments. People will be able to submit a special memory that they would want to capture and save for posterity, this is for those in the US. Those who are interested in the contest are instructed to submit a video answering the prompt “What is a special experience you want to capture in VR180 video to relive and share? Why is it important to them?” on YouTube.

Five videos will be selected by a professional production team coming to capture that moment by March. Content with the winners taking part in the recording will be produced by Google. This will be a great experience as it is said to bring a great sensation of reliving a moment. We wonder if that special moment when you win that real money at online casino gaming qualifies as a special enough event to make it to the selected final 5. Only Google can answer this question.

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