Friday, June 30, 2023

Albedo Figure AI Art Deep Dive

Albedo Figure
This is the Albedo Figure that the art in this post is based on

Hey there. Albedo is one of my favorite anime characters. I love the personality, the looks, the character, pretty much just about everything Albedo, I am all for. So it's only natural for me to grab one of the Otaku Box Figures from years past and put it through the AI machine to see what I can churn out. The picture above is the original picture I took and below is the progression of how I came to the finished art.

1st Attempt

4 Armed Albedo Art
Kinda weird... the base is gone, weird lettering in the corners and.. 4 ARMS?!?!

Whoa... 4 arms? The AI really went ham and took more than a few liberties here. The art is pretty enough but there are more than a few things wrong here. First off, Albedo kinda doesn't look like Albedo. The skin tone is a bit darker and, while I'm all for a darker skinned Albedo, the facial structure all is kinda off. Also, the base is gone. I really like the idea of Albedo kneeling on a base so I definitely want to keep that aspect in. And let's not ignore the fact she has 4 arms!!! 4 ARMS!!! lol I'm not exactly sure what the AI was thinking here but this is definitely one of the weirdest works that I've created. On to the next one.

2nd Attempt

Albedo AI Art
Better... but what's with those letters and symbols up top???
This one is better. Looks a little more like Albedo and the there is something that resembles a base. I also like the background. It give me the sense that Albedo is in her bedroom or chamber and is taking a moment to take a selfie for Ainz. lol Overall, pretty good and I don't see too much weirdness in this one... except for the weird wording and symbols up top. Not sure why the AI decided to add that in. Maybe it's trying to tell me something? Let's put a pin in this one and see what else we can come up with.

3rd Attempt

Albedo AI Art
This one is good but the fact that the base is missing really knocks this piece down.

I scaled Albedo a little further back and added instructions to include a full base. The AI machine must really not like the base because it ended up creating a shattered base. To be honest... I like the shattered look. I think it looks pretty damn cool, BUT... where's the rest of it? Also, I don't like that the AI made the her hair black. I really like that slight purple/violet tinge of color of the previous piece so I'm going to try and keep that. Another thing that dings this piece is Albedo's top. It looks more like a bikini top and, while there's nothing wrong with a bikini top, I really want to keep a semblance of the pattern that the original has. Let's keep going.

4th Attempt

Albedo AI Art
I really, really like this one. Not really much to complain about here.
Now this is a good one. I love that shattered base look and I even love the fact that the shatter extends onto the floor. I think that the flooring here is top notch. Now... I wanted to keep somewhat of a design on her top, but this passes. Her top looks more of a lacy type lingerie and I'm cool with that. If only the AI didn't forget to add Albedo's wings, this one may taken the win. You didn't notice that she didn't have wings, huh. lol 

The Gem

Albedo AI Art
This piece here captures everything that I was looking for!
This one's it. This is the one. The design on the top is there, the hint of color in the hair is there, the base is there (love the slight reflection and the water droplets), she has wings, AND she looks like Albedo. This is the winner! I really love this look and it really improves upon the original picture.

So which one is your favorite. The last one really does it for me but I know that there are more than a few of you out there that really dig the 4 arm look. lol Which one is your favorite and why! Let's hear it in the comments, friends! Later!

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