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The Otaku Box - March 2023

The Otaku Box March 2023 Items

Hey there. The March Otaku Box is here!!! I sure do love me some anime stuff and I'm just so glad that I get a box of quality otaku goodies each month. This month's goodies include items from awesome anime such as: Re:Zero, Fairy Tail, and Chainsaw Main. So let's dig into The Otaku Box - March 2023 Edition and get a closer look at what's inside.

Re:Zero - Rem
The Otaku Box Rem Figure

The Otaku Box Rem FigureThe Otaku Box Rem Figure

04.18.23 UPDATE!!!

The below was written well before an interesting discovery was made. Turns out that this Rem figure IS NOT A THE OTAKU BOX EXCLUSIVE and was/is being sold by online stores. My good friend at Zoysite did an excellent job getting to the bottom of this and you should check out his Instagram post below.


This Rem figure is one really nice figure. As a matter of fact, it definitely is one of the best figures that The Otaku Box has released. The detail in the hair, bows, & ribbon really shine, the floral design on the yukata is real nice, and the facial details are excellent! Also, the figure is really well made. It has a nice weight to it so it doesn't feel flimsy or cheap.

About the facial details, though... Rem does have somewhat of a somber expression and it doesn't help that she has a frown on her face. Considering that this figure does have a surprise in store (continue reading), the expression could be viewed as one that is being submissive. A submissive Rem isn't a bad Rem, but a slight smile or a shy expression would have done wonders for the overall feel of this figure.

Now, with all that being said, this is a more curvy Rem that we're used to seeing on the show or light novels, but I'll remind you that the figures that The Otaku Box provides are inspired by fan art. In essence, this Rem figure is TOB's rendition of Rem, and I'm all for it. I love to see my favorite anime characters from a different perspective, and I think that it's fan art inspired figures like this that really show what TOB brings to the table. Speaking about seeing my favorite anime characters in a different light... 

The Otaku Box Ecchi Rem Figure

This month's prize anime figure has an extra feature that I have yet to see from The Otaku Box: removable clothing! This particular figure has a detachable piece of the yukata that exposes Rem's chest. Exposing the chest definitely makes this an anime figure geared more towards those that are looking for ecchi figures. And let me tell you, if you are looking for that type of figure, this Rem figure will not disappoint. When I said that this is a well detailed and well made figure, I wasn't kidding. The shape, coloring, and details of the exposed area are top notch. It just comes to show that when Liz and TOB team decide to go big on something, they go big and do it right. Great job, TOB team!

Fairy Tail - Cana Alberona Banner
The Otaku Box Cana Alberona Banner

Another alcohol loving badass is featured in this month's banner! Cana Alberona is known as a heavy drinker, proficient in card magic, and having a carefree attitude, and this banner captures all of that beautifully. Cana is such a complex character and I'm glad to see that she's getting some love this month. Definitely one of my favorite characters of Fairy Tail!

Chainsaw Man - Shot Glasses
The Otaku Box Chainsaw Man Shot Glasses

The Chainsaw Man anime really blew up last year and I love to see the see anime make an appearance in this month's box. Now, these are labeled as mini cups, but c'mon... let's be real here... These are shot glasses! And they are soooo cool!!! A set of 4 stainless steel shot glasses with Aki, Denji, Power, and Makima's on them will sit perfectly in my at home bar. As an added bonus, the shot glasses also have the Japanese Kanji for their names. Love this!

The Otaku Box - Perfect Pitch Light Novel
The Otaku Box Perfect Pitch Light Novel

"Let's make Kaname's dream come true together..."

A light novel!!! Perfect Pitch! How awesome! This is another first from The Otaku Box. I am a huge story nerd and I love a great story. The problem that I come across is that most great stories are epic adventures with HUNDREDS of pages. A short, light novel is just the ticket for me so I'm looking forward to this one. Especially when the book comes in a nice, "travel", size. Perfect to read during my long 2 hour commute to work! Looking forward to diving into this light novel!

Now, I haven't read Perfect Pitch yet, so I can't give much details, but based on what the synopsis is, it seems to be... well... let the synopsis speak for itself.

"At the end of high school, Aiichiro's group had to break up because of a tragedy: the singer died in mysterious circumstances, and no member was able to recover. All took different paths, deciding to break off all contact. But life has decided otherwise: everything leads them to find each other and to mourn together, starting from scratch. Their teenage dream then becomes an adult dream: to conquer the stage in honor of their deceased comrade. The story follows teenagers in search of mourning, the investigation of the disappearance of their friend, as well as the rebirth of this group which tries to make itself known in this cruel environment that is the music industry."

The Otaku Box - Plant Pot
The Otaku Box Plant Pot

I love practical items and this is one that I did not expect to find in an Otaku Box! A cool little plant pot with Hiragana character depicting plants. I have a bit of a green thumb myself so I do plan on using this planter sometime in the near future. Especially now that Spring has arrived. Cool item!

Fairy Tail - Erza Scarlet Waifu Card (Bonus Item)
The Otaku Box Erza Scarlet Waifu Card

The Otaku Box Erza Scarlet Waifu CardThe Otaku Box Erza Scarlet Waifu Card

What more can one say about the awesomeness of Erza Scarlet? What I can speak of, though, is the design of this artwork. I love the female knight/paladin look that she sports here. Dare I say... she might even be of the dragoon class? The spear is the clear giveaway here but nevertheless, this is a great design. Her leaping pose gives the impression that she is leaping forward, highlighting perspective to her upper body and thighs. Also, the holographic elements here really stand out. The handle of the spear and the cross on Erza's chest really drive the point home that a hero is here to save the day.

Demon Slayer - Nezuko Necklace (VIP Item)
The Otaku Box Nezuko Necklace

This is a neat Nezuko necklace. I am absolutely loving the style of the artwork here. Whether it's intentional or not, this style is very reminiscent of the art style of Dias de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Me, being of Hispanic descent, love the crap out of this art style so this Nezuko necklace snuggles close to my roots.

And there you have it, folks. The Otaku Box - March 2023 Edition. Man, I've been really loving some of the stuff I've been getting here. Also, because I am now considered a Legendary Subscriber (being a member for a year or more), I get the Bonus and VIP items in my Otaku Box. If you're an anime fan, make sure to check in next month and see what anime goodies are in the next box.

Lastly, going through the items this month, I'm going to give my favorite item vote to...  Rem! I know it's not perfect, but I love to see progress and The Otaku Box is moving forwards by introducing better and more detailed figures. And that is why Rem gets my vote for this month's favorite item!

So which item is your favorite in this month's box? Let's hear it in the comments, friends!!! Later

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