Sunday, April 18, 2021

Day in the Life of Softball, The Dragoncast, and Home Improvements

Perfect day to be out, catching a softball game!

Hey there. Looks like I'm going group the weekend into one post. I planned on doing daily posts but that just wasn't in the cards this weekend. Maybe this will be the norm, maybe this will be just a one time thing. Let's see how the weekend went down.



After being done with the day job, I had the pleasure of catching my kid play in her first softball game of her season. Well... not really. She didn't get to be on the field. Which was a bit expected, actually. You see, she decided a few months back that she was going to sit out the season, but after watching her buddies play this week, she got the itch to get back on the field and ask the coach to let her back on the team. Coach was glad to have her back, but since she's been missing practice and just rejoined the team, I expected the coach to have my kid work to regain her starting spot. That's how it should be, right? I mean, who doesn't want their kid to shine on the field, but she's gotta pay her dues and if her teammates have been killing themselves at practice and my kid just waltzes back in and takes someone's spot, I'd be pretty upset. She made the decision to sit out, she decided to wants to play, and now she's gotta pay her dues to get back on the field. 

With that being said, I really hope this lights a fire under her ass to get her working hard. She's a talented player and a strong leader but I really hope that having her sit a game or two will motivate her to work hard to regain that spot on the field. Honestly, I miss seeing her play. Win or lose, it's great to see your kid out there doing what they love to do so I am glad that she decided to not skip a season after all. 


Dragoncast Podcast

Saturday morning started pretty early. For those of you that tune in to the show, you guys know that I get up at the crack of dawn to do The Dragoncast Podcast with my buddy, Brian. Saturday morning's show featured two awesome dudes, Aldofo and Ed. These two are the guys behind The Squared Circle Expo! Wrestling... Funko Pops, Expos... We covered it all and you guys have to tune in on Monday to catch the Youtube video because Ed's Funko Collection is unreal!!!

Light Switches and Power Outlets

Dimmer SwitchLight Switch

Off to Lowe's! I've been in the middle of changing out my home's light fixtures. I've changed most of them from those globe lights (we tend to call them, "boobie lights") to recessed lighting. I had to completely overhaul the lighting fixture but taking out the old light housing and putting in new ones. Now... it time to change the light switches. It's not necessary, per se... but I wanted a dimmer switch so I went out and got it. I also decided that I wanted white light switches instead of that dull beige color to white. I mean, might as well, right? Not only that, while at Lowe's, I decided that I want the wall outlets white too. So... we got quite a few of those too... as well as the face plates because, yeah. lol 

Changing out the outlets and light switches is not too hard... it's figuring out which breaker switch to turn off that is a pain the ass. Our breaker is not labeled corrected so it was a bit of a trial and error kind of thing to make sure that I had turned off the right breaker. Also, I labeled them to make sure I know what's up going forward. 

And FYI... this is a pain in the ass to do when the whole family needs Wifi, the TV, the Microwave, etc., etc.... this is why it took forever to do... and I'm still not done! This is definitely a project that needs to be done when the kids are away from the house! lol

Stargazing at Home

Star Projector
Oooo... how pretty!
We ended our night lying in bed... staring at the stars... on our ceiling. lol I received this cool Star Projector and decided to test it out to unwind. I must say, it's real pretty to look at and it is definitely relaxing. You can adjust the colors and what not, but we really liked this setting here. And the best part? It'll turn off by itself after a few hours in case you fall asleep with it on.

Garage Cleaning

Time to get to work!
I've been on a mission to clean out our garage. I'm going to build a small office in there and the remaining space is going to be our home gym. I need the office space. Doing a podcast with the cat roaming around or having my family peek in and out of the video feed is not too professional. And we have a plenty of work out equipment but it's scattered between the family room, the garage, and our closets. It's definitely going to be a mission to get the garage done but we've taken those first steps. We've gathered some things that will be donated to the Salvation Army and we have another set of stuff that's going to the metal recycling people. 

We've also got rid of pretty old stuff. Some of it was broken and some of it was just sitting there, collecting dust. But we also uncovered some pretty cool stuff! Check out this Jack Sparrow figure that was lurking in the garage!
Jack Sparrow Figure
Cap'n Jack!
Man... I can't wait until my garage is finished. 

My New Toy: The Miter Saw

Miter Saw
Bzzzzzzzz!!! So happy!!! 
Afterwards, we ended up going back to Lowe's. The wife is on a mission to find some Hydrangeas and we needed some stuff for more home projects. While there, I decided that I needed a miter saw! I need to be able to make some crisp 45 degree angle cuts and I just needed a saw. To be honest with you, I love to build stuff. I started building an outdoor patio and I managed to do it with a hand saw... and let me tell you, friends, it was not fun. There's just not enough power in a hand saw to get the cuts you need. But now that I have a miter saw... I have the power to build all sorts of stuff! 

I tested out my saw but started small. My wife painted some cabinets in the laundry room and she wants to have wooden trim on the doors. Miter saw to the rescue! Oh boy! Those 45 degree cuts have never been sharper! So happy with my new toy!

Fantasy Sports

Finally! The slump is finally broken! Saturday yielded positive results, but nothing too crazy... just a few bucks. But today, I managed to be up a couple hundred! Whoo hoo! 

A win is a win and I'm pretty happy that I have been able to break out of my slump. Put in about $200 and came out of tonight with over $500. 

So that was my weekend. There was more stuff in between but I can't fit it all in this post. I should really do this daily instead of grouping a few days into a single post.  So let's hear it, friends... how was your weekend? Later!

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