Thursday, April 15, 2021

Day in the Life of the First Day of School, NBA Top Shot Cool Cats Pack Drop, and Softball

Nothing like a nice, cold beer to end your day.

Hey there friends. My day job kept me busy today, but that didn't mean I didn't have an eventful day. Let's get into it.

First Day Back at School

My kid went back to school for the first time in over a year. The deal is to have half of the kids go to class on Monday & Tuesday and the other half on Wednesday & Thursday. The remaining days will still be remote learning days. I'm pretty content with this set up. I don't feel that kids should be in a jammed packed classroom so I'm glad that the classroom has been reduced by half, allowing social distancing while in school. More importantly, I'm glad that my kid will be getting some much needed social interactions with her peers.

I think that the social aspect of learning is a big thing for kids in school. That peer to peer interaction is where the kids pick up those much needed social skills that they tend to carry into adulthood. Being able to work together, solve issues together, or simply learn to co-exist with classmates is important to kids. This is especially true for the young ones. Then, as they get older, they learn to refine those skills in high school. 

I could already see that my kids were starting to get comfortable with the idea of being semi-hermits and just want to lounge in comfortable sleepwear for most of the day with little to no interactions with peers. Mom, Dad, and siblings can only do so much but hanging out with your peers is what has been missing and going back to school is just what is needed.

NBA Top Shot Cool Cats (Drop 4)

Oh hell yeah! I managed to a Cool Cats Pack! These things are super limited and you have to get in a queue in order for a chance to purchase a pack. I was lucky enough to be placed in line where I snagged one! Check out my haul!


Not only was it the first day back to school for my kid, it's also the first time that she is back on the softball field. I'm really glad to see that she's is back at it. I miss going out to see the kids play sports, I miss the competitive edge that my kids display, and I miss hanging out with our softball family.

But this softball season is going to move fast since her first game is going to be this Friday. So that means the that the wife and I had to scramble to get all the necessary stuffs to make sure she is ready to play. I'm looking forward to it. I love sports, I love watching live sports, and I love seeing my kids play. Competition, man... I love it!

So that was pretty much my day. How was yours? Have your kids gone back to school? Are you against kids going back to school just yet? Are you part of the NBA Top Shot community? If so, did you manage to snag a pack today? Let's hear it in the comments, friends. Later!

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