Monday, November 2, 2020

The Dragoncast Halloween Special

The Dragoncast Podcast

Hey there. First things first... I'm sorry I have been posting as much as I intend to. There's no excuse, I'm just being lazy. But I'm trying to break that now! I've managed to carve some writing time during the week so I hope to get back on track... starting with this post! As you know, my buddy Brian and I co-host The Dragoncast Podcast (presented by our good friends at Dragonblogger) and we've been on a fairly consistent schedule these past few months. We record practically every Saturday and I plan on sharing the latest episode of the podcast here with a short snippet of what was discussed. So... here we go.

Phantasm Sphere
These little sphere's of death! I always thought this was crazy as a kid!

The latest episode is out it's a Halloween Special! We chat it up about all things spooks, movies that we love to watch during the Halloween season, the best and worst trick or treat items, and more. As for the snippet was we discussed, I'll bring up the portion of the conversation about the first scary movie you saw. My first ever was Phantasm. I vivid remember seeing this, or maybe a portion of it, with my dad back in the 80s. I must have been 5 or 6 at the time and those floating, killer metal spheres left a last impression on me. You can check that out, and more, below, but what I would like to ask you guys is, what was your first horror flick that you saw? Any particular lasting memories about it? Let's hear it, friends! Later! 

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