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The Otaku Box - September 2020 Items

The Otaku Box September Items
The September 2020 Otaku Box is here!

Hey there! Another month and another Otaku Box! I sure do love me some anime stuff and I'm so glad that I get this monthly anime goodie box! This month's goodies include items from these awesome anime: High School DxD, My Hero Academia, Sword Art Online, Fate/Grand Order, and more. So let's dig into The Otaku Box - September 2020 Edition and get a closer look at what's inside.

High School DxD - Rias Gremory Figure

Rias Gremory Figure
Rias is definitely a fan favorite and this devil is on full display in this awesome figure!
Rias Gremory FigureRias Gremory Figure

High School DxD has many wonderful females that can be considered top waifu material but you can't argue that Rias is right there at the top! This figure shows off Rias' devilish side as well as her shapely figure. This is one of the taller figures that I've received from The Otaku Box, standing at approx. 6.5 inches. The only issue that I have with this figure is that her hair seems to have a huge presence and is overpowering Rias' face. But other than that, a great Rias figure to add to your collection.

High School DxD - Koneko Banner (The Otaku Box Exclusive)

High School DxD - Koneko Banner
Koneko rockin' that high school uniform!

Koneko can be pretty feisty (and sharp tongued!) but this month's fan art captures her soft side beautifully. Especially when it comes to the eyes. Lovin' this look for Koneko!

My Hero Academia - Shoto Todoroki Plushie

My Hero Academia - Shoto Todoroki Plushie
Squishy Shoto!!!

A Todoroki Plushie!!! This thing is awesome! It has to be made with the intention of it being a stress ball of some sort. It feels super soft and super squishy. It also has a small chain loop so that you can hang it somewhere, you know... just in case you don't want Todoroki in you hands at all times. 

Sword Art Online - Portable USB Charger

Sword Art Online - Portable USB Charger

I love gadgets. I love anime. And I absolutely love it when my gadgets have anime stuff on them. lol This portable USB charger is pretty cool. It has one of Sword Art's iconic phrases on it and the charging cable converts from a C cable to a lightning cable in a flash. Aaaaannnndddd... it comes with a cool carrying case! 

Various Waifus - Phone Holder

Anime Waifus -  Phone Holder
Interchangeable faces for my phone holder?!?!?! Yes, please!

Another practical item, but this time... with anime waifus!!! This phone holder has interchangeable faces (with previous Otaku Box fan art) so that you can switch out these lovely ladies with each other whenever you feel like it. Just think about it... you can have Rem Mondays, Rias Fridays, Raphtalia Thursdays, and Asuna Sundays. You're welcome. lol

Black Clover - Mimosa Button (The Otaku Box Exclusive)

Black Clover - Mimosa Button
Mimosa, shedding her defensive mantle, and donning a swimsuit

Mimosa or Noelle??? Mimosa! Black Clover is a great anime, centered around Asta and Noelle, but you can't count out Mimosa as a candidate for best girl. Maybe if Asta got a look at this fan art it would turn the tide towards Mimosa.

Waifu Collection Card - Kama (The Otaku Box Exclusive)

Fate/Grand Order - Kama
The deadly assassin, the Evil Goddess of Love, Kama!

The Fate series has its fair share of lovely ladies but the Fate/Grand Order series introduces more than enough female assassins. Kama has looks that can kill and there's no mistake that her stage 4 form is a killer.

Fate/Grand Order - Irisviel von Einzbern Sticker (VIP Item)

Fate/Grand Order - Irisviel von Einzbern Sticker
Innocent looking Irisviel!

VIP Item??? I guess this is for those that have hit the Master (3 month) or Hero (6 month) subscribers... maybe? I'm not sure, but the info card that comes in The Otaku Box has this item listed as a VIP Item so I will do the same. Hmmm...

Anyways, more Fate goodness! Irisviel is best known as Illyasviel's mom, but there is more than meets the eye to Irisviel. Being a homunculus, she was created to be nothing more than a vessel, yet she found love, she found motherhood, and she found a more deeper purpose. Even though she may not be a major character, I'm glad to see that's she's getting love love through this sticker.

Fairy Tail - Chop Sticks (Extra Item)

Fairy Tail - Chop Sticks

Now, I know that these extra items are for Legendary members only and I love getting extra stuff! This is my second pair of Fairy Tail chop sticks that I've received from The Otaku Box, and good thing too. I plan on taking the family to vacation in Japan in the next couple of years and the kids have been wanting chop sticks of their own. This is a great item to get us ready, and train, to eat with chop sticks!

My Hero Academia - Iida Figure (Extra Item)

My Hero Academia - Tenya Iida Figure
Class 1-A Class President, Iida!

More MHA goodness! I really like it when I find a smaller figure in my otaku box. These only stand at about 3 inches, but I really like these smaller figures, since I can fit them practically anywhere. 

And there you have it, folks. The Otaku Box - September 2020 Edition. Man, I've been really loving some of the stuff I've been getting here. Because I am now considered a Legendary Subscriber (being a member for a year or more), I get some extra items in my Otaku Box. Some of the cool stuff that I've received as a legendary sub is a Fairy Tail chop sticks, Rias hand fan, the One Piece Straw Hat Banner, and Iida figure. If The Otaku Box sounds like something you want in on, you can get $5 off your first box by using my referral link, here. If you're an anime fan, you're going to want to check it out. And don't forget to tell Liz that Metallman sent ya! Later!

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