Friday, September 25, 2020

The Drunk Time Traveler's Fiancée NES Game and Voice Over Work

The Drunk Time Traveler's Fiancée - Mikey McMike
The Drunk Time Traveler's Fiancée
Hey there. My compadre (my kid's godfather) has created a video game! This excites me so and it's not even my creation. He's been dabbing in NESmaker for years and he finally decided to put some time and effort into creating a game. Mind you, the game is still in development, BUT... after all the time and work he spent, this is the fruits of his labor: The Drunk Time Traveler's Fiancée. Yup... let that sink in for a second... The Drunk Time Traveler's Fiancée. Now this is a title that I can get behind! So what's the game about? How about you watch this commercial.

Oh man! How crazy is this?! It's a weird premise, it's not something you see often, and it's a bit quirky. But that is why I love it so! You see, the compa and I go back years, I mean... way, way back... and we've always been a bit on the, "let's go for it!" side. What I mean by that is that we are not afraid of trying new things. We we are not afraid to run with an idea. We attempted many of ideas and failed, but it never diminished our determination. You still see that to this day. He's obviously going head first into creating games with some out of the box ideas. Me? Well... I'm going head first into doing voice overs. Yeah, that's right, I'm getting in the ring and am going to start doing some voice over work because... why not.

The compa triggered the idea to fully manifest into a plan of action. Actually, his commercial for his game did. No disrespect to the guy doing the voice over work in the commercial, but I felt that I could do better. So... to test myself, I'm going to use the script for the commercial and do my own recording of it and putting my personal spin on it. It may be the greatest thing ever!!! It may be utter and complete trash!!! Nevertheless, it's going to be exciting for me to throw my hat into doing voice overs and see how I do. I'll have that recording up once I get it done. But until then, download The Drunk Time Traveler's Fiancée and give it a go!

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