Friday, June 24, 2016

Top 10 Tattoos for Big Time Gamblers

Historically, gambling tattoos were chosen by the superstitious and consisted of simple lucky symbols, such as a four-leaf clover or a horse shoe in the hope the new inking would bring some luck.

Many big time casinos do not allow heavily tattooed guests to enter. However, online casinos have made it possible to avoid these dress codes and allow people to gamble in the comfort of their own home with all tattoos on display.

From slot machines and roulette wheels, to dice and card decks here are 16 of the best gambling themed tattoos out there:

1. By Daniel Rocha
Roll With It Dice Tattoo

2. By Dave Tedder
Slot Machine Tattoo

3. By Maya Sapiga
Dice Tattoo

4. By Mr Red Dog
Poker Chips Tattoo

5. By El Mori
Roulette Tattoo

6. By Mike Devries
Roulette Tattoo

7. By Paul Boxall
Poker Face Tattoo

8. By Davo Paulo
Poker Face Tattoo

9. By Christos
Ace and Bird Tattoo

10. By Thomas Pollard
Roulette Tattoo

There we have it 10 of the best casino/ gambling related tattoos, have they inspired you to get your own piece? Or is your money better off on the table?

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