Monday, June 20, 2016

7 Ways You Didn't Know a Smartwatch Could Enhance Your Daily Life

Think a smartwatch is only a cool gadget for people who want to feel like Dick Tracy? Think again. These devices are changing people's lives. For some users, smartwatches are shaving a few minutes off their daily schedules or cutting down on the amount of time they spend checking their phones for emails and texts. Beyond message checking, however, discover the following seven ways that a smartwatch could enhance your daily living.

Check Messages Without Picking Up Your Phone

Image via Flickr by Micky.Roth

Are you tired of feeling like your phone is an electronic leash? You can leave your phone in your pocket when you're receiving notifications on a connected device like the Apple Watch from T-Mobile.

You don't have to obsessively check for missed messages; your watch will vibrate to let you know when these messages arrive. You can put your phone in your purse or on the table and not touch it for hours. Many users are finding this liberation from their phones worth the price of the watch, even if freedom from constantly checking the phone was the only benefit. 

If you're using an AppleWatch from T-Mobile, then you also have the added benefit of their 4G LTE network, making sure you never miss a notification.

Get Sleek Navigation

You could find your way around town with your phone or tablet, but you can't walk around discreetly. Walking around with your nose buried in your phone's screen isn't smart for all situations.
With a smartwatch, you can glance at your wrist every few blocks to check your route, and you'll still remain confident and in control of your surroundings. 

Become Healthier

Smartwatches have integrated health apps that make the devices as valuable as most wearable fitness trackers. Monitoring workouts, steps, and calories have been popular among athletes and bodybuilders for years, but many average or out-of-shape people weren't interested. 

With a smartwatch on their wrists, however, more people are discovering fascinating data about diet and exercise habits, plus the convenience and access to information can motivate them to lose weight and get in shape.

Spy With Your Little Eye

Wish you had eyes in the back of your head? Well, you do now.

An app called LookBehind lets you live stream video from your phone or tablet camera to your watch. This feature lets you see what's behind you, around corners, or in tight spaces when you're repairing engines, plumbing, or ductwork. Of course, if you're a professional spy or private eye, you'll likely find more uses for this app. 

Stop Losing Your Phone

Do you misplace your phone regularly? If you pick up your phone less often to check messages, you might lose track of your mobile device more often than you care to admit. Luckily, you can find apps that will help you find your phone any time it wanders off or gets left at home. 

Check Your Speeds

Thanks to its internal sensors, your watch can also be readily turned into a speedometer, so it can track your speeds when you're biking, walking, or jogging.

Most apps that track speed will also keep records over time and let you view your averages and chart your improvements over time. A smartwatch can also be pressed into service if the speedometer in your vehicle malfunctions.  

Could Your Smartwatch Save Your Life?

Some smartwatch users are reporting amazing stories of wearable devices that offer lifesaving information.

Dennis Anselmo was having some flu-like symptoms that he considered "nothing unusual." While he waited for the sick feeling to pass, he started experimenting with his new Apple Watch. The device informed him that his pulse was abnormal, which prompted Anselmo to get medical help immediately. The watch is getting credit for protecting Anselmo from a heart attack and possibly saving his life. In the future, smartwatches could become capable of much more advanced medical monitoring.

You'll find many other ways for apps to take advantage of your watch's internal sensors. For example, you can use your smartwatch as a compass or as a level. New apps are developed all the time for this convenient emerging form of wearable technology. Indeed, the possibilities for your smartwatch to enhance your daily life can seem almost endless. 

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