Wednesday, March 4, 2015

iGotTech Texting Gloves for Smartphone & Touchscreen Review

The pair of gloves that the techie in your life will love!
Hey there.  I'm not sure if you've noticed, but it's been pretty cold practically every in America this winter.  Many cities have been snowed in and others have a wind chill that's so low that you've be crazy not to bundle up and wear gloves when you step outside.  The problem with wearing gloves during this day and age, though, is that you can't use your smartphone or tablet.  Or more specifically, you can't access any of the touchscreen features because of the fabric that's blocking your fingers from touching the screen.  If you have a touchscreen smartphone or table, trying to use it with gloves on sucks.  The touchscreens just to do not respond well to anything other than a finger.  The screen needs to feel your touch in order for it to respond.  I have this pair of gloves that keep my hands all warm and fuzzy but I have to take them off whenever I need to answer my phone, text someone back, or use practically anything on my phone, exposing my hands and fingers to the cold elements.  Well, iGotTech has your back!  The fine folks at iGotTech sent me a pair of their premium iGotTech SmartTech Gloves to try out and review and let me tell you this... I'm glad they did.  I've had the pair of gloves for about a week now and I can say with confidence that if you are techie living in a cold climate, you need a pair of these!

Now, this is going to be a short post.  Let's be honest here, guys.  I'm reviewing a pair of gloves.  They don't beep.  They don't bloop.  They don't display the weather or tell me the latest in social media.  These premium Smart Tech Gloves have one job and one job only: to allow me to use my touchscreen gadget while wearing them.  And it does that job EXTREMELY well.  The gloves look like standard black gloves (you can get them in black or grey).  The only thing that makes them stand out a bit are the grey tips on the thumb, index, and middle finger of the glove (unnoticeable on the grey gloves).  These are the fingers that have the magic touch.  You know, I've tried the smart glove thing before and sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't.  Sometimes I had to press pretty hard on the screen to get it to respond.  After awhile, I just ended up taking them off and just use my finger to use my smartphone. I didn't have any of those problems with these gloves.  My smartphone responded easily to iGotTech gloves.  I didn't have to press hard, I didn't have to stretch out the glove or anything crazy like that.  The gloves do as promised and I was quite pleasantly surprised to be honest.
iGotTech Smart Tech Gloves
Oh yeah!  Time to get my texting on!!!
Great.  So they do the job, Metallman.  But I don't want texting gloves if my hands are going to be freezing!!!

Well, worry not, friends!  The iGotTech texting gloves are made out of super soft material that actually keeps your hands warm!  They may look like standard gloves, but when you slip your hands in them, you can just feel the thickness of the material.  You get that sense right away that these gloves are very well made and cold air will not be getting through to your hands.  Very impressive, iGotTech.  Very impressive indeed!

So how do I know that they keep my hands warm?  Easy!  I travel to work at 4 am in the morning.  At that time, I'll come across temps in the low 30s.  I dare not leave the house without gloves on.  The last thing I want is to have cold, numb hands while driving.  Anyways, I don't leave the house without gloves anymore and I have yet to experience "cold hands" in the morning.  Also, there were a few times this week where I had to scrape off ice from my windshield.  I did it while wearing the gloves and even though some ice landed on my gloves, I didn't feel the coldness!  After that routine, I stand at a bus stop at 4:30 in the morning waiting for my ride to work.  Now, I don't know of anyone that does not use their smartphone while waiting for something.  I pulled out my phone and started using it without a problem.  I was ecstatic that I didn't have my hands exposed to the cold air while standing outside.  That's when I was 100% sold on the gloves.

If you are looking for some no nonsense, get the job done, smart tech gloves, look no further than the iGotTech Smart Gloves.  These texting gloves for touchscreens are simply top notch.  I plan on getting a pair for the wife and kids since they think these gloves are cool.  And I can see why.  Why expose your hands to the elements when you don't have to?  You can pick up a pair of these bad boys at Amazon for under $10!  And the cool thing is that the gloves fit pretty snug but they do allow for some stretching.  Unless you have super sized hands, these gloves will fit you!

So there you have it!  Before you venture off into the interwebs, why don't you leave a comment.  Have you ever owned "texting" gloves?  Did they work?  I would love to hear your experience with these types of gloves!  Later!

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