Friday, August 1, 2014

Updating Blog Stats

Hey there.  Today, I am updating my blog stats on my Press Kit Page.  I haven't been able to squeeze out the time the past several months to keep up with my blog posts and let me tell you... my blog stats have suffered because of it.  Even though I do have a small following (thanks guys!) you need to keep those readers happy with content.  When the content is simply not there, you can't expect the readers to swing by for a visit.  I've always known this but it's hitting home more so now than ever.  At one point, my Alexa Rank was well under 200,000 (it's sitting at a 1,400,000+ at this moment) and I was getting over 10,000 page views a month (struggling to get 2,500 a month at this moment).  I'm not too happy with those numbers.  I know I can improve on them.

In this blog's 6 years of existence, I've tried to have a constant stream of stuffs posted but that hasn't been the case the past couple of month.  I went well over a week without a post.  And when I did post, it felt rushed and not of good quality.  I've finally settled in my new home.  The home projects that took up most of my free time are now ending.  Now's the time to bring those stats back up!  I don't like to keep numbers hidden so I'm going to update my blog stats and show everyone my crappy numbers.  But it's ok, though.  It's honest work and it'll make things that much sweeter when my stats are back to respectable numbers!

So why place so much importance on your numbers?  Influence.  I love to give stuff away and for a good portion of this blog's life, I've fronted the money myself to get you guys prizes.  When the numbers were looking good, I had companies come to me to give you guys products.  The more influence you have, the better the prizes.  It's an easy logic to understand.  While I have been receiving items here and there, nothing that I can really give away.  It's one of the main reasons why the blog has been lacking giveaways recently.  But that's going to change, friends!  So on that note, I just wanted to send a thank you to all of you that stuck around.  Those that comment.  Those that still reach out to me for a review or giveaway even though my numbers are not stellar.  You guys have been awesome and I love business and personal relationships are stronger because of it.  Later!

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