Tuesday, August 19, 2014

RedSun MegaMan T-Shirt at Pop Up Tee Flash Sale Ends August 22

RedSun MegaMan Design
The Blue Bomber never looked so good in black!
Hey there.  I love me some MegaMan.  He's one of my favorite all time Nintendo characters.  So you can only imagine just how much I LOVE the above design!  That is simply bad ass!  I love the style, I love the colors, I love EVERYTHING about it.  I stole the design and it's now my phone's wallpaper.  But that's not all the design is on... you can pick up the design on a T shirt!  Our friends over at PopUpTee.com are having a flash sale going on right now.  If you are not sure how flash sales work... let me sum it up for you.  Something's on sale for a short period of time before you can't buy it anymore until who knows when.  Yup... you're on a timer, friend.  So I say act fast!  The above design is called the RedSun Mega design and it's available from now until August 22 and it's only $12.99
And this isn't the only RedSun design that Pop Up Tee is selling.  You can find other awesome characters, such as Link, Cloud, and Snake.  Check em out below.
You have until August 22nd, to pick one up before they are no longer sold!
So which one is your favorite?  Did you get a chance to pick any of them up before the sale ended?  In your opinion, which one is the best?  I love the Link design as well, but I got to give the edge to MegaMan.  The beauty lies in its simplicity.  Let's hear it friends!  Later!

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