Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Case of the Missing Wedding Picture

Jack and Sally Kissing
Our wedding picture.  Well... not quite but pretty damn close!  lol
Hey there. Every weekend, for the past month or so, the wife and I have been working our butts off to make our house a home.  We've put up furniture, we've put up curtains, we've picked up couches, we've set up our kitchen, we cleared out our garage, we've set up our rooms, we even got ourselves a new TV.  But you know what... it still didn't feel like home.  Like my wife mentioned last weekend, it still feels like we're staying in a hotel.  Hmmm...  It sucks when your house doesn't feel like your home, but we realized why!  We had absolutely NO pictures up on the walls.  NONE.  We've spent so much time and energy setting everything else up that we didn't bother with the pictures.  Well, that's the project we handled last weekend!

We opened up the box marked, "picture frames" and carefully pulled out our picture frames.  Kids' pictures, graduation pictures, family pictures, wedding picture.... wait... where's our wedding picture?!  Noticed how I said picture and not picture frame?  We placed our wedding picture and frame on the bottom of the box because the frame was bigger than any of the other frames in the box so it completely tripped us out when we pulled out the frame and our wedding picture is not there.  Hmmmm....  Box was not tampered with, the tissue paper that wrapped around the frame was undisturbed, yet, someway somehow, the picture vanished from inside the picture frame!  What the...

Now, let's take a minute here to assess the situation.  We packed our picture frame in a box with our wedding picture in the frame.  The frame itself was wrapped in tissue paper.  The frame was on the bottom of the box.  The box was sealed shut with tape.  When I opened the box, I had to cut through the tape, go through all the other picture frames, tear open the tissue that our wedding picture was wrapped with just to get to it.  So yeah... No one stole it.  So... where is it?  The wife and I were baffled and we simply could not come up with a logical explanation.

The wife and I decided not to worry or think about it much longer and decided to get another one of our wedding pictures blown up to place in the frame.  But still...  it's a weird mystery, no?  I know that there have been more than enough weird situations that have gone on before but this one takes the cake.  So I leave it you, my dear readers, to come up with a logical explanation as to what happened to the picture. Has anything like that ever happened to you or someone you know?  I would love to hear about it!  Later!

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