Thursday, October 27, 2011

Orochon Ramen... I Fear No Noodles

Hey there.  I'm a man of food.  I love me all kinds of food.  People that really know me know that I can eat... and eat a lot.  So friends from time to time recommend places for me to try out.  The wife and I haven't had much of a chance to go out and try new places, her being in recovery mode and all, but pretty soon, that will be behind us and we will continue on our eating adventures!!!!  Well... actually, they'll be my eating adventures.  The wife will dine with me but I doubt she'll see any her meals as adventures or challenges.  lol  Me on the other hand, will definitely be up for foodie challenges everywhere (well... actually in the Southern California area since I'm not rich and can't travel "everywhere") and I've already have my first challenge in my sights.  The Orochon Ramen's #2 Special!

I love my Japanese "sopitas".  Even though it's the life blood of college students, I enjoy a bowl of ramen noodles from time to time.  And to be honest, I usually drown out the "flavor" by drenching it with hot sauce.  I usually add 3 hot sauces (Tapatio, Valentina, and Sriracha) to my noodles so in the end, it pretty much tastes like chile.  Knowing this, a friend of mind asks if I've heard of the ramen noodle place in downtown.  The place was featured in Man vs Food on the Travel Channel and they have a foodie challenge there.  I was immediately intrigued.  A ramen noodle place with a foodie challenge?  HA!  Must not be much of a challenge.  So I go online and look up the place.  It's called Orochon Ramen and it sits right in downtown Los Angeles.  The challenge?  Eat a hot bowl of ramen noodles in under 30 minutes. Initually, I scoffed at the challenge, then I understood it's true meaning.  Hot in this challenge does not mean super steamy.  It doesn't mean burn your tongue hot.  We're talking hot as in the most spicy soup in the world!!!!  What?!?!?!
Yup, made with the tears of Fenrir, meat of the Cerberus, with a dash of Ifrit's soul.
I don't remember seeing the episode of Man vs Food that featured this challenge so I don't know if the guy got through it, but I went to the Orochon Ramen's Wall of Bravery to see who has.  The deal is that if you get through the challenge, you'll have your picture posted in the Wall of Bravery.  So there are bound to be brave souls that have gone through it, right?  The wall, as of today, is empty.  Not a single picture can be found.  Whoa...  that's some serious business right there.  I've come to two conclusions...  Either the webmaster is too lazy to post up the pictures online OR the soup is made with nothing but the spices from Hell and no man can take this challenge down.  Now that's some serious hotness.  

So who's down?  Who wants to go and handle this challenge with me?  I haven't stepped into the restaurant so I don't know if they have a polaroid wall of pics in there but I would like to assume that a challenge that has garnered some national attention would be updated accurately.  Who knows.  Not me... but I guess I'll find out when I step in and yell out, #2 Special!!!  Later!

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