Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are DVDs Surging or Losing the Battle with Online Streaming Media?

Hey there. I'm a movie guy. I love movies. I'll try to catch movies whenever I can. But you know what... I've found myself watching more movies via streaming media more than anything else. Is that a good thing? I don't find myself buying many dvd movies as much as I used to since I usually find what I'm looking for on Netflix.  But the separation of streaming and DVD plans have irked many customers.  They love the streaming aspect of it but do not want to pay extras for DVD or Blu-ray formats.  So...  does this mean that Red Box will take that business away from Netflix?

I say, hell yeah!  Red Box is great.  They usually stock up on many of the new releases and they're readily available.  In a day and age where consumers wants everything now, Red Box provides a quick and easy way to get your DVD or Blu-Ray movie right away.  In a sense, the fact that Netflix decided to split their service into 2 separate plans will be a boon to Red Box and any other "movie now" kiosks that seem to be popping up everywhere.  You simply don't have to worry about losing, scratching, and sending the disc and waiting for a few days before receiving a new one.  By walking up to a kiosk, you select your movie, and off you go.

The impatience of consumers have shaped the way we receive our entertainment.  TVs are crisper, phones are faster, and movies are now instant.  We've seen the drive in movie theater die off.  Are cinema theaters next?  Before we know it, world wide releases of new films could be streamed right into our Hi-def TVs.  Well... maybe not, but the technology is definitely there.

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