Monday, December 13, 2010

iPad Cases for the Family

Guest post written by Tina Simpson

It's kind of funny that so many of the members of my family have bought an ipad over the last couple of months. But from what I can tell, none of them have any ipad cases for them. I thought that would be a really great Christmas present that I knew would get used for sure.

I've received so many presents over the years that I haven't always used, so that's something that I really take into consideration when picking out a gift. So I had that in mind when I went onlne with my CLEAR INTERNET to start searching for all of these gifts.

One thing though that I made sure to get along with the ipad cases was a gift receipt for each one, just in case they got more than one ipad case for the holidays or knew of one that they would much rather have instead. I do have a pretty good feel for what each of my kids like, so I'm pretty sure that they'll love the cases that I've bought for each of them.


  1. Hey there Tina,

    I don't have an iPad, but my wife has hinted around getting one. I love that skull one and that may be what pushes me into buying one. Thanks!

  2. I've been thinking about getting an iPad. I was wondering if it had any sort of external speakers (or like the iPhone, doesn't, but still can project sound)? And also if you can plug a regular headphone jack into it. It seems like it would be pretty thin (I've never used an iPad) so it seems kind of like regular headphones wouldn't be able to plug into it.Thanks!

  3. I am planning on buying an iPad and I am really looking forward to the iBooks feature. I was wondering what the amount of titles are available for the ipad currently and how many books will be available probably later in the year. Oh, and I was also wondering what publishing companies will add their titles in the future to the ipad. Thanks!