Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees

Guest post written by Lauren Wiles

Right now I'm planning our family's annual Christmas party where a bunch of our neighbors, friends and our kids' friends come over for a dinner and some fun. We don't exchange gifts because we never know who's really going to show up. We just ask people to bring something with them if they come. But even thought we do that and don't have to make as much food as a result, I still put a lot of time into what I'm making and how I decorate our house for it.

I was online with our Clearinternet trying to find some new recipes to fix for this year. I found all kinds fo stuff, a lot of which I could actually fix the day before, which will make that a lot easier for me. On my e-mail invites, I'm making sure to add a list of things I'm making so that people won't bring the same thing with them.

I never like to repeat centerpieces from year to year, so I was really excited when I found the idea for a sugar cookie Christmas tree. You can eat the cookies afterward and I thought that it was the cutest thing ever.

1 comment:

  1. Hey there Lauren,

    I love me some cookies! I'll be honest though, the sugar ones are not my favorite but nevertheless, good to eat holiday cookies when surrounded by loved ones. Hope everything turns out great! Later.