Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Took the Long Weekend Off

Hey there.  I stepped away from my online duties for the whole weekend off, which has it's good and bad sides.  Good because I needed to step away from a computer and not do any additional work during the holiday and bad because I know I missed out on several opportunities to increase my potential income.  Even my Twitter messages were extremely limited.  But, eh.  I needed to break so I decided to take it.  I will also post my top commentator winners later today and dish out some cash prizes so check back later in the day for that.  I'll have the rules for that in the post if you're new to the site. 

This long weekend had it's highs and lows.  I hung out with my bro on Friday to catch Boston take down the Magic.  I was expecting more fight from the Magic but they just didn't have it in them to take down a strong, veteran team in the Celtics.  I also was able to score on a new XBOX 360 for roughly $70!  Mine crapped out on my long ago and I grew weary of having to "fix" it every couple of weeks.  I just didn't want to do it anymore.  I plan on selling the parts on Ebay to make up some of the cash.  Anyways, since I'm part of this panel that takes online surveys and I cashed in my virtual money for GameStop gift cards and I was able to get a pretty damn sweet deal on an XBOX 360.  So I took advantage and grabbed the one that came with 2 free games.  The kids definitely missed it.  They immediately turned it on and started to play RockBand and Guitar Hero!  I as glad we got one cause now I can play FFXIII!!!

On Saturday,  we planned on checking out the neighborhood fair.  You know, the ones that they set up in the middle of the street that take up blocks of the neighborhood.  What we didn't count on was it being so damn hot.  Then it didn't help that the wife and I were in the middle of a "tiff" so we said screw it and went home.

Sunday was upsetting.  I did get to put in a few hours of FFXIII so that's a plus.  But as the day dragged on... we started to feel a little on the lazy side.  Being Sunday, we figured we'd just stay home and relax.  Then we remember that my mother was having some birthday "ice cream and cake" for her daughter.  It's just ice cream and cake, we figured so we'd go for an hour or so and then come home.  Well... it turned out to be more than that.  When we arrive, we see the grill on... oh man... this is going to be a "thing".  Once we get in the house, my mother says to me that my cousin is going to the store and that I should go with him.  He's only going to get some meat and chips to grill...  well... my mother decided that it's going to be a party type thing so as my cousin and I are at the store, we stocked up on chips soda, beer, meat, veggies, and all kinds of foods for the guests.  At this point, I was upset...  I called my mother and snapped at her for having all kinds of people over for "cake and ice cream" when it was just going to be "us".  She says to me, "Well, it's not like you were just going to come to sing happy birthday and then leave."  To which I replied, "Yes, actually, I was.  I wasn't even going to come today but I figured it was going to be quick."  I hang up and offer to pay for some of the stuff my cousin got cause quite frankly, it sucks that my mother sent my cousin to the store to pay for her party stuff.  So we got back, grilled it up, ate, drank, and hung out some.  A one our trip to my mother's turned out to be closer to 5 hours...  It was cool to see some of my aunt's, cousin's, and their little ones, so I'm not too upset about that, but I was peeved at the way the mother handled the whole thing....  Especially when she already has a birthday party planned for the following weekend!

On Monday, we try the fair thing again.  But this time, we wait until late afternoon, early evening before we head out.  The kids got on some rides, they won some stuffed animals and we enjoyed us some funnel cake.  All good stuffs that fairs have to offer.  lol  All in all, an enjoyable night.

As a bonus... we took the kids to see Shrek Forever After (or whatever it's called) in 3D.  I don't think I've even paid over $60 to take the family to see a film!  The 3D was pretty cool, but the movie simply isn't as good as the original.  Actually, all of the Shrek movies have diminished in quality since the first one.  Nevertheless, it did have it's moments and overall an enjoyable film.  If you guys have kids, definitely go and check it out.

So that was my weekend, friends.  How was yours?

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  1. Your weekend sounded as busy as mine. I was hoping to relax on the long weekend, especially since it was so hot. But I had guest over and wedding things to take care of so relaxing weekend turned into busy-out-on-the-town-running-errands weekend. But all in all a good weekend.


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