Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Apparently Was A Jerk to my Future Wife when we First Met Club

Hey there. The ideas rush in, but you don't know, or simply can't put them down on paper... That's where I stand right now. I don't go several days without posting something, but I've found myself doing it more and more this past month. I don't know if it's because I'm not spending as much time on my site as I have in the past or because I over think my posts. I have many things that I would like to write about, yet I can't seem to find the way to express them. A friend's wedding on a boat this weekend was a cool event. Blogging gold for most, yet I can't find the right set of words to express that experience to the world. If anything, I do want to congratulate the groom for joining a pretty prestigious group of husbands. Welcome to the "I apparently was a jerk to my future wife when we first met" club.

When I heard the story during the wedding, I laughed to myself and I got a look from the wife. Similar story, slightly different situation. Nevertheless groom, you were a jerk in your bride's eye and that label will forever stick with you til your dying day. lol So right now, the club has two members, you and I... but I'm sure that wives across the world are saying that club members should be in the millions. Tell me your "jerk" stories. Here's mine.

When I first started working at my place of employment and met my wife, I was new to the office game. Never really worked in an office environment before (filing doesn't count) and I was still working my way on learning how to use the equipment. One day, while out at the copier... I was struggling to make what seemed to be a million copies. My soon to be wife approached me and asked if I needed help with the copier. And that point in time, I gathered all the romance in body and said, "I think I know how to use the copier." Bam! Sparks flying everywhere... So much so that the soon to be wife had to leave the room it was soooo electric! lmao! So yeah, I got the cold shoulder and the silent treatment for the next couple of weeks, if not months, but before you know it, we were on speaking terms again, living together, and then married.

Yup, that's MY jerk story. Would love to hear yours. Until then, later!

PS Congrats you two! Wish you guys nothing but the best!!!


  1. I stand by my comment that you should give a jerk a chance. They turn out to be husbands lol.

  2. I try to remember him whenever I encounter someone who is being a really obnoxious jerk. I generally figure that there is something in their life that is really screwed up and they don't know any other way to handle it.

  3. My husband belongs in a class of his own. Jerk while married. But it's too long of a story and I don't want to be all woe is me.

    So do you know how to use a copier? Lol

    I find myself with wanting to write a blog post up... but... figure people won't read it. Do they even read what I write now? LOL I think I'm going to do more kids/family stuff when my blog moves to WP and gets a new look.

  4. Alison,

    A jerk while married. lol I'm still being called a jerk and the more I hear from people, the more Enigmageek is right, the "jerky" ones turns out to be the husbands. lol