Monday, June 9, 2008

Lakers Down 2-0

What the hell is wrong with the Lakers? Down 24 points with 8 minutes to go in the 4th?!?!!? Not to take anything away from the Celtics, they are in the finals for a reason, but the Lakers should not be down 24 points. Especially when they are considered a high offense team. They need to get their shit together or they WILL lose this series. Only after playing inspired (if not desperate) basketball in the 4th quarter, did they slash that 24 point deficit to 2 points. It was interesting to watch, but if they had played better in ANY of the 3 previous quarters, we may have won game 2. WAKE UP LAKERS!!! These are the finals and unless you play a full 48 minute game, you are going to LOSE!!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

2 Legends

Hey there. The NBA finals started last night and to my dismay, the Lakers let a golden opportunity slip away. Kobe had an off shooting night. MANY shots rattled around the rim and just popped out. But I won't complain, the Celtics were just the better team for 48 minutes on that night. We'll get em next time.

While watching the game, one commercial that they aired just gave me the chills. For those of you that have kept up with the NBA this year, there is no doubt that you've witnessed those "There can only be one" commercials where the screen splits to show 2 NBA stars' faces cut in half and speak the same dialogue. This has been an extremely effective campaign. They show how, regardless of which stars are on the commercial, they are all playing for the same goal.

Now, last night, the NBA dished out another one of these awesome commercials. Not featuring two stars from the current series, which they have done throughout the playoffs, but featuring 2 legends that resuscitated the NBA in the '80s, whose teams are currently playing for the finals. Friends, I give you Larry Joe Bird and Ervin "Magic" Johnson. Man, I saw this and it hit me. These 2 were just the most bad ass players to go at it and really give the fans what they wanted to see. This is why I love these two. Think of Michael Jordan for a sec, the greatest player to play the game (to date). You know him for his championships, his dominance, his willingness to win... But who was his competition? His nemesis? Who did you want him to conquer? Who can he say that he felt proud of defeating? Quite frankly, I can't think of one, where as with Bird and Magic, you had 2 of greatest going after each other, disappointed if they didn't meet at the finals for a chance to beat the best. Another great example of this is Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. 2 of the greats going after the title and if they don't meet in the playoffs, us the fans, are disappointed for not having the chance to see 2 of the greats duel it out. it's great to have a dominating player out there, but if that player doesn't have an equal, or close to an equal as you can get, there is no competition making the events, dare I say, a little boring.

So I leave with this, check out the legends and let's here what you have to say. How can you not get chills watching this? Later!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reign In Blood

Hey there friends. It's only fitting that one of the last songs to beat on Guitar Hero III comes from one of the most bad ass albums ever. A creation by one of the masters of metal, Slayer. On my quest to become a guitar hero master, I have come across a road block that I just cannot seem to get through. I have been stuck on Raining Blood, expert mode, for about 2 weeks straight now. I survived through Cliffs of Dover and 4 starred One and The Number of the Beast, but I just can't get through Raining Blood. I got frustrated yesterday. I spent a good hour or so practicing it and I still couldn't get through the flurry of notes rushing at you during the "mosh" section. Best I could do was about 37% percent of the song before failing... For those not familiar with guitar hero, check out the vid below... I chose this video cause the dude missed some notes so I'm sure it's someone actually playing the song and not some dues using a bot trying to impress people. This is a hard ass sonf and the person handled it and you gotta give him his props for it. I fail at the 1.16 mark. One day, friends... I'll get through this song. lol Later!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Alexa Ranking

Hey there friends. Checked my Alexa ranking and I'm glad it jumped some 400,000 points! Ha ha ha I know that my ranking still sucks compared to others, but I'm just glad that it's improving. Last month, it was 3,225,130... 2 weeks ago it was 1,711,831... and today, it's 1,308,414. Whoo hoo! I only need 1,308,413 points to gain to be #1!!!!

Merciful Fate Medley, Evil

Hey there. Here I am at work, listening to music as I work, and Metallica's medley of Merciful Fate songs came on. I love me their version, even though Diamond's version of Curse of the Pharaohs says "hexed" and I swear Metallica's version says "Hecked". Anyways, as it got to into Evil, I couldn't help but notice that this song has eerily connections to Todd McFarlane's Spawn. I love me some Spawn so I was able to make the connection and I don't know if McFarlane took inspiration from Evil. Check out this verse from Evil:

I was born in the cemetery
Under the sign of the moon
Raised from my grave by the dead
And I was made a mercenary
In the legions of Hell
Now I'm king of pain, I'm insane, yeah

Don't you think that describes Spawn? Al's death and resurrection. To be "raised from my grave" and be forced to be a "mercenary". I think the strongest line there is "In the legions of hell". Spawn was meant to be in control of the hellspawns, his battles with Malbogia and Urizen, plus the loss of Angela all come to mind. I just can't help but thinking of Spawn when hearing this. What do you think? Later.

Monday, June 2, 2008

My Body Hurts!!!

Hey there friends. Man, my body hurts. On Sat, I was expecting a delivery from Lowes. I'm going to lay some cement to extend our patio area. Lowes got here early but the dude came with an 8 foot wide forklift that was NOT going to fit in my little ass 2 and half foot wide door. So what's the solution? Leave your shit on your lawn!

This is the half I left on the lawn...

Man... The dude drove the forklift and dropped 3 palettes of Quikrete cement on my lawn. I had to carry all 110 bags of the stuff from the front lawn to the back of the house and they are bags of 90 lbs each. I had to do it in two days, seeing that on Saturday, we had parties to go to and there was no way in hell I was going to move all of that and get ready for parties.

And here is the rest of it.

We ended up leaving the house about and hour and half after the cement got there so I left more than half of it on the lawn hoping that no one would take it. Like someone was gonna run by and snatch it. lmao Come Sunday morning, sore as hell, I dragged myself out of the bed and finished the job. So now I have 110 bags of cement sitting on my patio out back and my forearms feel like their about to rip open. On top of that, we start the gym today... I think today's workout is going to be light. Maybe do more running and leg work than heavy weight lifting and arm work.

I have pics of the cement sitting on my lawn and were I moved it in the back. I'll post those later since I left the cam in the car and I'm feeling waaaaaaay too lazy to walk out there and get it. lol Later!