Friday, August 26, 2011

Backup Your Data Online with Carbonite

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Carbonite Online Backup
Hey there.  Tell me if this hasn't happened to you.  After a long night of working on important documents, you save your files, you shut down your computer, and tell yourself that you'll finish it up tomorrow.  You get up, ready to tackle the task at hand when your computer starts making funny noises.  Beeps abound, you use all your tech knowledge to try and get the computer to start up.  And then....  nothing.   Lastly, you scream in frustration when you realize that not only are you losing all of last night's work, but pretty much all your data files on your computer.  You feel like crying.  Scary thought, no?  Well guess what.  It happens more often than not and it's heartbreaking when it does.  Years of stored pictures and years of stored music...  gone forever.  This is why it's important to have a quiality back up plan in case your computer decides to call it quits and our good friends at Carbonite have your back.

Carbonite offers you peace of mind.  Even if the above scenario were to happen, if you decided on Carbonite to be your computer backup service, for your mac or PC, all those irreplacable files would easily be recovered.  No need to pull out your hair when you know that you files are safely backed up.  You can quickly and easily recover your backed up files and not have to succumb to the stresses of computer malfunction.

"But Metallman, I don't have time to worry about another program when I'm hard at work."

No problem, my friend.  Carbonite will work in the background and will automatically back up your data eveytime you connect to the internet.  It takes away the hassle of having to painstaking do it file by file.  And you know that your data is in good hands since Carbonite uses some of the most secure state of the art data centers.  And one of the great perks of using Carbonite is that you can download their mobile app and you can access and share your backed up files from your Android, Blackberry, and apple phones and products (iPhone, iPad, etc.).  It's great to know that no matter what happens to the computer, you can access those files from practically anywhere.

"Metallman, this sounds great and all, but considering all that Carbonite can do for me, I can't afford an arm and a leg right now for computer backup services."

My friends, Carbonite has your back on this too.  If you act quickly, you can try Carbonite absolutely risk free for 15 days.  No credit card required.  Straight up, no strings attached free for 15 days BUT if you do decide to buy and mention promo code BLOGAD, you score 2 free months of service.  Make sure to stop by the Carbonite web site for all the details.  Don't be a victim of computer angst!  Backup those files easily, quickly, and securely with Carbonite!  Later!

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