Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is Poker the New National Past Time?

Hey there. The last few years, there has been a poker boom on national TV. It's almost as if there's a tournament always going on and the tournaments are being televised. I've also noted a lot more commercials for poker sites, such as, getting repeated air play. Card games have been around since forever but is it time to take this poker boon seriously?

I've been playing poker since I was child.  The family would gather around a table and play 5 card poker or Texas Hold 'Em.  I learned the game from family and have been playing ever since.  I've never played in a tournament though and since I remember seeing in the commercials that they have free tournaments online, I decided to use a PokerStars Bonus Code to see how the online poker world works.  Fist off, there are many players so you'll never be sitting at a table by yourself and there are many tournaments that go on all the time.  The best part about those is that you can win a seat in the World Series of Poker Tournament and try your luck against the best of the world.  I think that's pretty awesome for nothing.  Especially if you're using a PokerStars Bonus Code

Now, PokerStars is a free site.  You do not need any money to play.  But for those of you that are curious and are high stakes players, here is a PokerStars Marketing Code you can use for some bonus cash.  I try hard to find coupons and codes online before I sign up for anything so I can help you guys out with what I find, I will.  lol  Best of luck friends.  Hope to see you at the upcoming tournament!  Later!

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