Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tony's Pizza Sweepstakes Winners!

Hey there.  I'm a little on the late side in reporting the winners, but nevertheless, we do have winners!  Congrats to Elin and Canada Provinces!  You guys win free pizza.  I will be contacting you shortly to ask for an address to where I can send your coupons!  Considering that there were only 3 comments (I didn't include myself) you guys had a 33% chance of winning.  lol  I guess that's my fault for not pushing to contest strong enough.  Either way, hope you guys enjoy!  Later.


  1. What.... men hold "contests" too! Mommy bloggers call it giveaways I guess. LOL if you ever need help pushing your "contest" I can help ya. :P

  2. Hey there Allie,

    Yup, we hold contests too. lol I have an ongoing on where the top commentators win cash on my site and a month long blogroll link!