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Monday, February 1, 2021

The Dragoncast Podcast Episode 53 - The One about G4 and Gamestop

The Dragoncast Podcast
Hey there. The latest episode of The Dragoncast is out and first things first... FeBEWary or FeBREWary?!? This is just one of the tough hitting questions that Brian and I tackle on this episode of the podcast. lol No, but really... we kill like a few minutes talking about that, we also touch base on the return of G4 shows (Attack of the Show and X-Play), and we give our 2 cents on the Wall Street phenomenon involving Gamestop and Reddit. Take a listen to the show below!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Olivia Munn Loves Me!!!

Hey there. I was beginning to lose hope. Disappointment was beginning to set in. It has been months since I sent in my copy of Playboy to Olivia Munn to sign and send back. Well guess what?!?! I got it back! Whoo hoo! It took over 4 months but I finally got back my signed copy of Olivia Munn's Playboy with her on cover. AND... She says she loves me. lol

Olivia's Twitter and website showed the amount of Playboys she had to sign. She continued to get more and more boxes and it felt that she'd be fed up with em and just toss em in a fire. lol She stuck it out and last week said that ALL Playboys would be signed and everyone should be getting their copy by the end of the week. Considering that she's a busy woman, I didn't think she would pull it off but check it out. It's the end of the week and I have my copy. Thank you Ms. Munn! Later!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Olivia Munn's Playboy Cover

Hey there. Yesterday, I mailed out our copy of the recent Playboy magazine to Olivia Munn. That's right, G4's very own Olivia Munn, who so happens to be on the cover. A few months ago, we received one of those little cards in the mail that asked if we wanted to subscribe to Playboy magazine. My wife and I let the card sit in the mail pile until we decided why not. It was only $10 for the year and we got a free DVD to boot. Truth be told, I haven't even read any of the 4 or 5 magazines that we've already received. My wife is the one that actually goes through the magazines and then tells me if there is anything good or not. I haven't opened them yet to check them out for myself so I don't know if the articles are any good... *wink wink* lol

Anyways, the recent issue features Olivia Munn on the cover. I didn't get a chance to read it but my wife was upset because it only had a few pages of Ms Olivia on it and none of her pics were completely nude. lmao She proclaimed it a rip off. lol I mentioned to my wife how Olivia offered to sign copies of the magazine for fans. She said that I should get it signed. Not a bad idea. Yesterday was the day that I finally had the chance to send out our copy of the magazine to her for a signature. Because she's in LA, I'm hoping that it will not take long to receive our magazine. How bad ass of her to do that, considering that I'm pretty damn sure that many of her fans will be sending in their magazines. Or maybe, it's a ploy to make her cover the best selling ever. Hmmm... Something to think about. lol Once I get my copy back, I'll make sure to post a pic of it. Later!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Olivia Munn is Bad Ass

Hey there. I'm a game freak and glad to see that there's G4 on TV. That station has it all to appease a geek like me. Bad ass shows like X-Play Unbeatable Banzuke, Ninja Warrior, Code Monkeys, etc. But Attack of the Show is edging out the flagship show, X-Play in my eyes. While X-Play does the "nerd guy with hot chick" thing quite well, Adam and Morgan may have to step aside to the new kids in town, Kevin and Olivia. X-Play is great, when you want the latest news on video games for all platforms. Latest reviews and quirky conversations between Adam and Morgan was like a fresh of breath air for us viewers. It didn't seem that the conversations between the two were scripted so it felt like these are two people that us gamers could relate too. But, like most of you, gaming is not all I'm into. There's the anime, Comicon, and all things tech that I'm into and Kevin and Olivia is the team to go to. Not only do they have great chemistry together, but they look like they're having fun doing it. They not only give us the heads up on games, but on camcorders, TVs, cameras, PCs, the works. And I love the way those two put themselves right in the middle of the action. When Street Fighter 4 came out, who was there to try the game out first hand? Olivia and Kevin. Olivia went as far as to dress up as Chun Li for the event! Not only that, but the woman went ahead and dove right into the Ninja Warrior obstacle course. You know how difficult that damn thing is? My son has been hooked on that show for a few years now and he swears that he and I will one day head off to Mt. Midoriyama to one day take on the course. lol The above would warrant any woman to part of the bad ass club, but those feats of bad assery is not enough for Olivia Munn. A few nights ago, while watching Attack of the Show, I see Kevin declaring a MEGA DARE on Olivia. lol That's right, a MEGA DARE. None of this double or triple dare crap for them. lol Anyways, the dare turned into a contest between Olivia and Kevin. The contest being who can drink the most hot sauce shots. lol Olivia took Kevin on and after the first few shots, you knew the woman was in pain all the while, Kevin gloating. She hung in there though. They handled all the shots (10 each) while the last shot was to be the tie breaker. The two actually fought for the last one before Kevin downed it for the win. lmao Yes my friends, this is the kind of shit that I find entertaining. lol 

Now, after watching that. I'm declaring Olivia the winner. Why? Because Kevin, that ass, still had a shot in his hand while he fought off Olivia for the tie breaking shot. Had he been a man, he'd down his shot before going for the next one. Therefore, disqualifying him. Well, in my book at least. So here's to you, Olivia, the bad ass chick that whipped Kevin in what I like to call, "The Hot Shots of Death" MEGA DARE. For what I saw you do, was one of the most bad ass things I've seen on TV. Later!