Monday, January 9, 2023

Picture of the Day - Rainbow Over Lancaster, California

Rainbow over Lancaster, California
Hey there. Rainbows are awesome. Saw what you will... but whenever a rainbow appears, I make sure to catch a glimpse of it! This particular rainbow appeared over the skies of Lancaster, CA a few days ago and my wife managed to capture a full arc. Actually, this picture is of a double rainbow... but the second rainbow is very faint and kinda hard to make out. Another cool aspect about this picture is that the rainbow is the star of the show. There are no people, no buildings in the way, no nothing. Just the rainbow.

This pic was taken by my wife using her Google Pixel 6 phone. The awesome thing about this particular phone and camera options is that the phone knew that the picture was taken while in motion (she was in the passenger seat) so the phone "unblurred" the picture automatically. I think the feature is called, "in motion." Pretty cool feature, if I do say so myself. Just for comparison... here is the blurred pic.

Rainbow over Lancaster, California (Blurred)
Not bad, right? So what do you think of this one,friends? Later!

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