Thursday, November 21, 2019

Why Xbox Is Better Than PlayStation

Playstation vs Xbox
Hey there. In as much as it is difficult to convince Sony followers that Xbox is better than PlayStation because it is believed that PlayStation dominates the current console generation, we are still going to mention why Xbox is better. Yes, Xbox is better than PlayStation. This is because there are things that we have looked at that prove this point. There is so much to love about Xbox, especially its recent editions. Let’s take a look at the reasons why Xbox is better than PlayStation. In case you are not a video game fan, you can try gambling at the best usa online casinos and win real money.

Backward Compatibility

Microsoft has been doing a lot to make sure its games are great. With the coming in of Xbox One, Microsoft has added backward compatibility. Both Microsoft and Sony never had this feature. However, Microsoft realized how important it is to the fans and they delivered. There are many games you can play now on the Xbox One. Some can also be played at Xbox One XS and they come with higher resolutions and better frame rates than original versions. Sony still doesn’t have backward compatibility and yet, it has been a massive success.

Xbox Live Gold

Both Xbox and PlayStation are known for giving away games monthly to subscribers of Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus. Sony has, however, stopped. Not only have that, but all the Xbox Gold members get to enjoyed free 360 games forever. It is known that when you cancel your subscription, you lose most of the games and they become locked. Xbox Live is a different story because it doesn’t happen that way. Besides the fact that Sony stopped offering the games, this makes Xbox way ahead as it still offers them. Not only that, but the games are also twice as good as PlayStation games.

Xbox has Better Racing Games

According to sports betting sites Canada the introduction of the Forza Motorsport by Microsoft changed many fans’ perceptions about which company has better racing games. It has a huge sales number and the Forza brand took the crown from Gran Turismo in 2011. Because of this, Xbox was regarded as having better racing games.

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