Friday, July 5, 2019

Slacking Made Fun

When you’re looking for something to do to while away those long afternoons at work, your thoughts automatically turn to online gaming. But working on leveling up on your blacks ops game is going to be tough without your gaming chair and bespoke joystick, so you’re going to need to play something a little more discreet.

In this review we look at some desktop games that will certainly kill an hour or two in your downtime at work and won’t need you to don a headset to do so. Take a look at our top eight games to play in your cubicle that your boss won’t even know about.


We didn’t say the games we picked wouldn’t be addictive and this one is one of the best. You’ll start your career at the bottom of the food chain as a petty criminal, carrying out minor crimes in this virtual dystopia.

As your list of crimes grows and becomes more heinous so does your power and influence and before you know it you’re the kingpin of a huge crime gang. This free text-based game is home to thousands of players making the phrase multiplayer something of an understatement. Just remember you’ve got to do some work or Torn City might be the only place you’re making a living.
Desktop Gaming
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Looking for a better way of disguising your game play? Look no further than Leadership, this cunning game looks like a series of spreadsheets and let’s face it your boss probably wouldn’t notice the difference between reality and fiction in any case.

But look a little closer and what’s that? A tiny spaceship. Awesome. As the pilot of this tiny lunar vehicle you have to guide it through the perils of the line graph with only a set amount of fuel. Will you make it without crashing out?

With online leaderboards you’re work shy friends from around the world can join you in doing far less work than you should.

Urban Dead

Like a zombie rom com, this browser-based game is hours of entertainment and as it’s safe and sound on your browser, can be closed down in a hurry. You’re basically on your own in a post-apocalyptic zombie nightmare so you’ll be fighting for survival. However, if you do manage to get yourself bitten you’ll be able to have full control of your zombie self too, so it’s all good.

Game play is limited to around ten minutes at a time so you’ll be able to ration your zombie interactions for one afternoon at least.


If you’ve got money to burn then online gambling is a relatively new phenomenon that’s increasing in popularity by the month, from slots to online bingo, spin the wheel and take a chance. You’ll probably not make enough money to quit your boring job but taking your team out for a post-work drink might be on the cards, just don’t tell them where the money came from.


If you’re looking for gameplay that’s mildly depressing to complement your equally depressing job, then this is right up your street. It’s subdued tones and yes, zombies are going to require your closest attention. Basically you and everyone around you will probably die but if you can wreak as much havoc as possible before that happens then you’re on the winning side.

Have fun!

Daytime Town Series

Looking for some super creepy music and illustrations as well as gameplay. This is for you. In short you’re looking to escape the slightly sinister town you’re trapped up by solving a series of mysteries and puzzles. Like your office, you wonder if you’ll ever make it out alive.


Speaking of making it out alive, that’s precisely the opposite aim of this odd little game. You’re Karoshi a salaryman looking for new and innovative ways to commit suicide. Over 50 levels you’ll find ways to end it all do. Weird, addictive and slightly uncomfortable.

Crash Planning

Finally, we have Crash Planning another game that looks frighteningly close to your daily spreadsheet. It’s annoyingly addictive and just about mindless enough for you to lose hours to it. Match up the coloured blocks and watch them disappear. Satisfying and frustrating in just the right combination.

Don’t let your job get in the way of a good afternoon’s gaming. Choose any one of these beauties and you’ll have wasted literally hours when you could have been doing something far more important and by important we mean boring.

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