Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Alternative Ways to Boost Your Income

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We could all do with a little bit of extra money in our bank account, but of course, that’s often more wishful thinking that a real, viable option. Or is it? While we might not always convince our bosses to boost our income, there are often more ways to increase our income than we realize. There’s a lot of money in the world, and there are more ways to get it than via our regular old employment. Below, we take a look at a few options that you may not have considered.

Offer Rides

In the future, people will look back at how we went about our daily lives and think, “what were they doing, driving by themselves and wasting all that money?” Our vehicles take up a significant portion of our income, in fact far too much of our income, and for what? Just to get from A to B. OK, so there’s getting around the fact that sometimes we need to get places, specifically our places of employment. But who says that we need to burden all of the cost? Instead, look at offering seats to passengers for journeys that you’re already making. It’s not necessarily making more, but you’ll sure save a lot.

Play Your Luck

We’ve already mentioned that there’s a lot of money in the world, and there really is -- and did you know that sometimes it’s given away? It’s true. When it comes to lotteries and certain betting games, it really is kind of given away. There are multiple ways to go around it. You can play Satta Matka, or, if sports betting is legal where you live, study the form book. No-one makes money through gambling just by putting money on a random team, but if you study the form thoroughly and understand what you’re doing, it’s more than possible to boost your income.

Passive Income

The idea of sitting around while money rolls in sounds pretty darn good, right? While you’ll have to do a little bit of work in the early stages, this is more than possible than many people realize. For example, if you write one good eBook, or host one good website, then you could find that you’re getting monthly income with doing next to nothing. The eBook route is especially recommended. You can write an interesting, useful book in a week -- and then keep it on online stores for years. If it takes off, it could be a sizable amount of cash you get each month.

A Thirty Day Challenge

Life is expensive. But more than that, life is hard -- and as such, it doesn’t take much for us to spend cash on making ourselves feel better. As soon as you think, “I could just treat myself to [item],” the game has been lost. So instead of trying to make vague spending cuts in order to save money, why not just go hard on the money-saving front, for thirty days? During that time, don’t spend anything other than the essentials. You’ll be happy with your bank balance and efforts afterward!

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