Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Air – the Lifeblood of Trucking

Air Brakes

Hey there.  Did you know that one of the most important parts of a semi-truck is its air system? The air system is the lifeblood of the semi trucking industry. It provides many different functions from safety to comfort. Here are the top uses of air systems in the trucking industry.

Air Brakes

Conventional brakes are hydraulic. That means they use brake fluid to transfer force to the brakes when you press the brake pedal. The issue with this for trucking is that you are constantly coupling and decoupling trailers from your rig. It’s not feasible or reasonable to bleed brake fluid from lines, then re-pressurize, each time you hook up a new trailer. That’s where air brakes come in. They have a constant source of air on the truck body that is transferred directly to the brake lines through hoses that are coupled to the rig. This makes much more sense for a commercial truck than hydraulic brakes.

Air Mounts for Comfort

Another area air is used is in air mounts and air springs. Air mounts are hooked to the same compressor that is used by the brakes. These mounts are then installed throughout the body of the truck. The truck driver is able to vary the air in each mount in the air suspension to provide more comfort and a smoother ride while out on the road. A Product like the Firestone air mount does a great job at giving the truck driver a comfortable, consistent ride.

Air Springs for Load Balancing

Air springs are also used extensively in truck trailers. There are two main benefits for air springs in the cargo area of the truck. First, air springs in the trailer ensure a less bumpy ride. Transporting cargo is the main purpose of trucking. If your cargo doesn’t get to its destination in one piece, you’ve failed at your job. Air springs ensure that the trailer has a smooth, steady ride, and ensures none of the cargo falls over or gets broken. The second benefit for air springs in a trailer is load leveling. When you back your trailer up to a loading dock, often they won’t align. If dock plates aren’t available, you might be in a bit of a jam. With air springs, you can raise or lower the height of the trailer to align with the dock.

Everyone knows how important the trucking industry is. It’s responsible for delivering 70 percent of all products in the United States. Now you know how important air is to keep the trucking industry alive.

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