Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Megadream Built-in Adjustable Fans Cooling Dock for the Xbox One S Review

Xbox One S Megadream Cooling Dock
Keeping your high powere gaming console is a must there days
Hey there.  You guys know I love my video games.  I own consoles from the big three (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) and I can't say that I have my favorite.  Each one provides a different gaming experience to me and I wouldn't trade it in for anything.  That's why I want to do what I can to protect my gaming consoles.  I don't want them to crap out on me or have them overheat.  Let's not forget the dreaded red ring of death that plagued 360's everywhere *shudder*  That's why I love the idea of cooling fans for gaming consoles.  So when our good friends at Megadream ask for me to test out and review their Built-in Adjustable Fans Cooling Dock for the Xbox One S, I couldn't resist the opportunity!

Now... it's pretty tough to be able to say whether any cooling dock station will extend the life of your console, but what I can say with certainty is that it doesn't hurt to have one.  If anything, I like that a cooling dock will help to keep your system clean of dust bunnies and other impurities that may invade your console.  Also... a system that is running at a slightly cooler temperature is a lot better than one running at a higher temperature.  This alone is a good reason enough to invest in one.  And if you are going to invest in one, you might as well get one that is quite, fits extremely well, and is effecient.
One switch... Off-Low-High.  Easy enough, no?
The Megadream Built-in Adjustable Fans Cooling Dock snaps easily into place.  There is no hassle whatsoever.  Also, the cooling dock is powered by a USB cable so you can easily plug into one of the USB ports on the back of the Xbox One S and not worry of needing an external power source.  Turning on the cooling dock is as simple as flipping a switch and you can adjust the fans from hi to low using the same switch.  You can even have the fans going even if your Xbox One S is off.  Lastly, this cooling dock provides your Xbox One with 2 additional USB ports.
More USB ports!  Now we can do so much more activities!
The Megadream Built-in Adjustable Fans Cooling Dock for the Xbox One S is just what I needed.  It's quiet, it's effecient, it's affordable, and it provides peace of mind.  There really isn't much more to say about a cooling dock either than whether you feel it gets the job done and so far, I'm pretty happy with this cooling dock.  If you are in need of one, or in need of that peace of mind (red ring of death!!!!), click on the link below and pick up one of these for under $20!  Later!

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