Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Top 11 Best Cyber Security Tips, Tricks, Hints and Facts

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The cyber-attacks and phishing attacks seem to be coming fast and furious in the news lately. While it can seem like a lot of work, any amount of time and resources that a business can dedicate to cyber-security and protecting systems of their business will be worthwhile and pay off in the long run.

Many businesses do the bare minimum and hope for the best. They handle their day-to-day operations and intend to work on cyber-security but don’t always get around to it. They cross their fingers and hope and figure, “If a cyber-attack hasn’t happened to us yet, we must be ok.” This is dangerous thinking that can plummet your business faster than you can say “phish.”

Maybe you think you do not have anything of value to your data. Even the simplest forms of data like demographics can be valuable to a hacker. They can turn this information into bank account numbers and passwords with the right investigative work.

This article provides you with 10 actionable steps you can take to improve your security quickly.

1. The first, and most important step is to contact a reliable and dedicated IT support services company to discuss assistance with setting up your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) & Disaster Recovery Plan Template (DRP). These two plans provide comprehensive steps you can take to make sure you will never be surprised by an attack. 

2. Determine information you have that may be tempting to hackers. Whether it is demographic information, employee records, or financial data, identify the areas where hackers are likely to attempt to gain access. 

3. Train employees to refrain from sharing their location information on Facebook and Twitter. Did you know that over 75 percent of burglars use this information to identify homes and businesses to break into? 

4. Beware when buying tickets to events for clients or partners. Events are one the most desirable hacks for criminals. Make sure you use a quality service to ensure you aren’t getting scammed. 

5. Train employees to update their software when computer prompt and allow them the time to do so. It is a hassle and it does slow down productivity so come up with other tasks that can occur when updates are running. Perhaps a team meeting is a good time for a mass update. 

6. The greatest threat to cyber-security damage is human error. 

7. You can have the best security plans in your business, but if your employees aren’t trained to implement them and prevent attacks, it not be nearly as strong. 

8. In 2016, over 4 billion records were subject to hacks. 

9. Everyone will be subject to a cyber-security attack at one point or another. The differentiating factor will be how well-prepared you are for that attack. 

10. Many prevention methods only cost time but not money. 

11. One the biggest myths online? “I don’t need a new password because no one knows my bank pin number anyway.” Did you know 90 percent of passwords can get hacked into within 6 hours? Keep your personal information out of your password. 

Understand these few hints and tips for cyber-security and you will be on your way to creating an effective attack prevention plan. 

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